A child has
a child very
What happens
when that child
is forced to lose it
against her own will,
when a man hurts her so?
Now she is scared
and scarred,
12 years later
she is still so scared.
She can't even look
up when she walks
down the halls,
in fear of seeing him.
Believed since she was 5
that men reign over her
and will hurt her again.
Years later another man,
hurts her when she
lets him get close.
Now she is tough,
hard, and cold as stone.
No one gets close! Keep them
Away! They can't hurt her then.
Won't let anyone near her.
Go away she doesn't want
any man to touch her...
She will never find love,
she is to scared....

Permanently scarred by
the man that haunts
her dreams. The sadistic
look he had in his eyes
that cold, rainy night.
She is so scared.
A child has innocence,
but not this child.
She was forced to lose
it fast when she was just
a mere babe by a man,
who was locked away,
but is now free and she
knows he is free again...