She likes to put ice cubes in a plastic bag and warm them
In her mouth until they are half solid, half liquid.
Then she will take the ice out of the bag and suck on it,
All its harshness removed, only smooth surface
And tasteless cold trickling down the throat.

Sometimes she will crack the weakened structure,
Like a giant rift in a seamless glacier,
And swipe the two pieces around her mouth,
Tongue so red against the silk of half frozen water.
Her actions betray her innocence, and
The inside of her mouth is colder than you would think.

She says she is her own ocean, shaping the pebbles
Beneath the endless rhythm of the waves,
A pearl is not overlooked; a stone is not left unnoticed.
I say, if only we could all see so much.
She says, if only we could all feel nothing.