It seems that we have found each other, before
And that there was a day when we existed
In the same square and cut of time and space.
A day I remember like summer's last breath,
The last of the light falling into the arms of the night,
Fireflies the brightest sparks of existence,
Next to the warmth of our beating hearts.
And it seems to me that it was there,
In that forgotten moment of a dream,
That I ran my hand the length of your spine;
Pressed my lips down between the vertebrae,
And counted your ribs like I was seeking
The man beneath the flesh; you smiled.
I traced the lines and limits of your frame,
Wondering if reality would permit love's existence.
And I realized that reality can be defined,
And not just faced with perspective bleak.
So it was that I found you, knew you,
In twilight of eternity, lit by twinkling fireflies.