She's the silliest you'd ever see
Happy and hyper as ever could be
But that's only because you haven't looked
At what's deep within her broken heart

She tries to help others to heal
Even though her heart screams
What about me? Why can't I heal?
Why don't you help me to be better?

She stands tall, on her own
Even though all she wants is support
She holds others up even when
She thinks she's about to fall

She keeps her heart sturdy
Forcing it to stay true to her friends
Even when they aren't true to her
How loyal and stupid is that?

She's the saddest thing you'd ever see
If only she would let you see inside
Where she's bleeding and crying
And wanting someone to help her heal

She doesn't want anyone to know
How weak and sad she really is
So she locks it into her broken heart
To brew for all eternity

Someday, if I ask her kindly
And stay by her side for a long while
She might let me have a peek into her heart
And show me the pain she feels

But until that day, I'll just stay here
Waiting for her to trust me enough
To tell me what hurts her so
To tell me what she hides from the world...