Tabulated reality breaks the dream like shattering glass on the pavement.

Lullabies of us, we all hope it stirs the quiet.

I can't get my joint to light, heavy burnt hair on my neck.

Wonder why moon changes and quickens her pace, like flying and breathing into night's rough hands. He touches me all over and my hands cannot pry away his definite fingers.

So I am being molested by night and I wonder why moon simply watches. I blame her for everything because it's easier if it isn't my fault.

I forget about privacy.

And sleek fabric against my breasts and him hard against my leg.

I wonder why souls decide to screw me over and spit me out. Step on me. Please.

My ribbon's untied, why don't you take a peek?

Remembrance is my fateful enemy.

Bliss is my lover. We kiss, her and I, and she is able to shade me in her light from night's groping eyes, and it seems better this way and I wonder why I feel so alone.

The temperature is tepid between my legs and the fault is all mine. I smell you in the depths of my unwashed hair, in the putrid filth I cannot even call my own.

I miss you.