The Meal that Never Happened

One day while hanging 'neath my bridge
Three goats encountered me
The first one came, alone he was
I told him I was hungry

I told him I would gnaw his flesh
He said "you don't want me"
I asked him what he meant by that
He replied "I'm the smallest of three"

I looked and saw two other goats
Each bigger than the first
I let the little goat go by
His brothers now teased my thirst

The next one came and once again
I let him go scott-free
I wasn't craving an appetizer
I wanted the all you can eat

Huge he was with big black horns
Just seeing him made me drool
I went after him but he didn't budge
He just stood there and played it cool

Then something amazing happened
Something that caught me totally off guard
He turned towards me and started to run
He pushed me not lightly but hard

Into the cold icky water I fell
My landing was surprisingly rough
Guess that'll teach me to never again
Mess with the 3 Billy Goats Gruff