A barren, faceless doll
Drearily embellished
With a lifeless spectrum
Scattered tombs of ashen clouds
Painted with the inky brush
Of the raven's lonely midnight
The spellbound drifter
Of the duplicate's necropolis
Its staring, numb facade
A field of vacant, porcelain sepulchers

A dusty cartridge
Stuffed with melancholy feathers
Of an overcastted essence
Shot down from skies of ominous dusk
Wings slit in ribbons of quieted life

A shadow shell
Its flimsy fragments
Shards of muted pearl
Sifted through the sands
Of forlorn and faded seashores
Vanished into the darkening past

With no purpose
And a heartless soul
Standing vacuously there
Amidst the whining light
And sweeps of weeping wind
A flawless copy
Of the moonlit destiny's boy
The mere facsimile
Of that god-transcending child

That clone of eternal valor
An uncomplaining mannequin
For his self-indulgence and delight
A silent drain for all his sufferance
So sloppily cast upon the rusted switch
For everlasting emptiness.


A/N: Yes, another annoying author's note. I won't do this often. I promise. Gomen...this title doesn't belong to me, sob, yet it's so beautiful. It's one of the songs in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. I told you I like those games too much. I was randomly running around in it today. I've beaten it about 5 times, but still don't know everything...like where all the pieces of heart are. That game is bloody hard! But the details...::drool:: Anyway, the power of this mystifyingly mentally disturbing melody makes a lifeless copy of chibi Link that you can put on switches and such. Rather handy. And wonderfully eerie. I just thought it would make a neat idea for a poem...I was inspired yet again. At least I'm writing, I suppose...besides, I always feel sorry for those poor, unappreciated things. Anyway...enjoy this mindless banter. My poetry just keeps getting stranger and stranger, doesn't it? I scare myself. But that's always fun. ^^