I live in the world
where the rain still falls
the fog never clears
and the day never stalls

I live in the world
lost in the years,
distorted by candlelight
and a river of tears

So I live for my work
and I live for my life
where sacrifice is devotion
with a sword and a knife

Where connection is illusion
and perception is false,
in the world behind the mirror,
and its perilous waltz

Where emotion is skin-deep
and beauty is divine,
so never trust the images
or the words on the sign

Because I live in the place
where philosophy defies,
where life is an opinion
and intellect lies

I live in the world of glory
and fame yet to be sought
the world of allegory
and stories never wrought

So steal away my summer
and steal away my wings
my world knows naught but winter
and the dying days of spring