Eyes open,seing
Ears open hearing
mouth open ,speaking
Yet my mind is still in dreams

Cold blankets ,calling
My body nods and agrees
Conscience tries to argue but the mind wont comprehend
This daily anomaly that brings my dreams to an end

Roll over ,rock a bye
The sun is shining brightly
Haunted dreams come nightly
And I await all my spooks

There are kooks in a clinic
White walls robes and suits
They try to tell me its unhealthy
But what do I care they're Kooks!

Writing myself into a corner
No literally ,I'm insane
But the difference is I diagnosed it
How can I be inane

These four lines
Only four line
Yes four lines
Need not rhyme

As long as I have these words
I'll last til the end of time
These ludicrous words
from a ludicrous mind
written on the fourth day
with out rest from the savages of time
my hair is mussed my eyes are red
my breath reeks of Excedrin and ale
but yet I still type.
A poets work is seldom fun