Hear me oh Azrial
son of The Light, Father of lies
your children have spread and conquered men's heart
Hear me oh mighty tyrant
Thief of innocence
Sinner amongst saints
Deliver me into the hands of thy father
I have followed in the sons path for too long
For my salvation
I give you generations of exiled youths
Fields of untamed dreams of darkness
Waiting to come true
Release me oh master that I may live again
To serve thy father and thread in the light
My foot steps have forever fallen on unhallowed ground
My back has been bent in your name for way too long
I am old and broken with but one wish before my passing
That I may redeem my self in the eye of men
In the world of the living
Hear me great leader
have mercy on me, Your servant
long past use to one so mighty as you.
Release me so that those stronger
more agile of mind and body
would have room to grow in your presence
in the light of your tainted hearth
they shall thrive
all these warriors of darkness
in exchange for the will of this decrepit soul

~ prayer of Harould the Younger during his exile to the Isle of Kismet ;
The Days of Longing , book II of Stondryll Law~ © Nat Forbes 2003