Pen to paper, I won't stop 'til my fingers bleed
A fake reaction, the difference of a want and need
And even in this make-up, we cannot hide behind the light
Even when the kids play dress up, they cannot help but fight
But that's expected,
A human's just an animal
So egotistic...
Not believing our importance in the world
is so small

So burn your dreams alive,
They're wasting space
in your mind
A fake commitment,
You don't believe in love at all
Fade away to nowhere...
then forget...
us all

It's just that easy, to pretend that life don't exist
But it's not so easy, corruption, you will miss
And even in this man made hell, you set the hopes ablaze
And in our deaths tonight, you'll be centre of the stage
But that's expected
You're just an animal
So egotistic...
Do you really believe your importance in the world so small


You built your empire, and you will kill your lives tonight
In some sort of protest, you'll leave through this suicide
And even though it's sad, you'll be ignored by everyone
'Cause no-one really cares, unless they are having fun
But that's expected,
They're all just animals
So egotistic...
Not caring about anyone else in the world
at all...


What makes us so different...
What makes you think they'll remember your name,
Take a look in the puddle, our faces are all the same
And our lives run a course, we'll die like everyone else
But our souls live on...
carrying the same selfishness of our 'selves'

It's a world wide suicide,
Everyone has died
We kill ourselves everyday...
Lives once cherished
will fade away

(Chorus X2)