Summary: Brian Smith is the average popular 17-year-old guy, struggling with peer pressure, senior year of high school, and most of all girls.  A new girl shows up at school who has a style unlike any other girl Brian's ever met before.  Will he be able to change his ways?

Rating: PG (Let me know if I should make it PG-13 cuz I wasn't quite sure)

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"So, where are you taking me tonight?" Shannon Forrester asked Brian Smith as they were eating at Shannon's house that chilly September afternoon.

            "Shannon, I've already told you that I don't have the money to take you out every Friday night," Brian answered, exasperated.  Shannon always wanted to go out and Brian was getting sick of it.  They had started dating four months ago, in late May of their junior year of high school in Lamenbrook, Arizona, but had probably had more dates than some couples who had been together for at least a year.

            "But tonight is our last Friday night before school starts," Shannon complained.  "Why couldn't you have just gotten a job before in the summer like I told you to do?"

            "I didn't want a job.  Besides, you have a job.  Couldn't you pay if going out tonight means that much to you?"

            "Brian, you know I use that money as soon as I get it.  I have to look nice at school and extra nice on our dates."

            "Well then, maybe we just shouldn't go out anymore.  In fact," Brian continued, "I'm getting sick of your complaining all the time.  You always have to point out exactly what I'm supposed to do in our relationship.  You know what though?  We're through!  I've had enough of you!"  Brian got up then, grabbed his jacket, and as he was leaving, he heard Shannon say, "Fine!  I never liked you anyway!  I'll find someone else who won't get sick of me and you'll be sorry then!"

            Brian felt relieved to finally have the breakup over with as he was walking home alone.  He had wanted to do that for months but had been waiting for the exact right moment.  He had never really liked Shannon and Shannon had never really liked him so everything was great.  Brian had his heart turned to someone else the whole time he and Shannon were together.  Madison Blake, the most popular girl in the junior class last year, captain of the cheerleading squad, and the most gorgeous girl in the whole high school, was who Brian had set his eyes on.  Brian, being popular himself, had a good chance with her.  The only problem was that Madison had been dating Rick Chaffer, Brian's best friend, since the beginning of sophomore year.

            Almost as soon as Brian got home, the phone rang.  Brian picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

            "Hey, Brian," the voice on the other end replied.  Brian knew exactly who it was when he heard the voice.

            "Hey, Rick," Brian said.  "Whatcha want?"

            "Well," Rick started, "Madison and myself and a few other guys and their girls are going to go skating tonight.  I was just wondering if you and Shannon wanted to come with us."

            "I'd love to," Brian said, ecstatic that he would be able to see Madison again.  "Shannon can't come though."

            "Why not?"

            "We just broke up about fifteen minutes ago," Brian explained.

            "Oh, that sucks.  Why'd you break up?"

            "You know how girls want to go out so much and us guys always have to end up paying?"

            "Yeah, what about that?"

            "I got sick of doing it for Shannon.  She gets to spend her money on stuff that she wants and what do I spend my money on?  Food for her!  Or stupid activities that we have to do together!  Do you see where I'm going?"

            "Ah yes, I get it now," Rick said.  "I'll see you tonight."

            "What time?" Brian asked.

            "From about 7 to 10.  See ya there!  Bye, Brian!"

            "Bye, Rick!  See ya at 7!"  Brian hung up then and heard his father calling for him.  Brian looked at the clock.  It was already 5:00.  If he wanted to make a good impression on Madison, he should look nice and take a shower.  First, he had to see what his father wanted though.

            "What do you want, Dad?" Brian asked, coming into the hallway of his house.

            "Could you please help me unload the groceries from the car?" Mr. Smith answered.  "I just went food shopping."

            "Aw, Dad, do I have to?" Brian complained.  "I was just gonna take a shower."

            "You can help unload the groceries and then, you can take a shower," Mr. Smith said firmly.

            "Okay, okay," Brian mumbled.  He went out to the car just as his little 11-year-old brother, Isaac, was coming in with a few groceries.


Just so all of u know, Lamenbrook is not a real town.  I made up the name.  It's so much easier to write a story with a made up town or city bcuz then u can decide what the town/city is like.  Anyway, I hope all of u liked it…plz review.  I would also like to ask a question about the new girl.

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