Summary: Brian Smith is the average popular 17-year-old guy, struggling with peer pressure, senior year of high school, and most of all girls.  A new girl shows up at school who has a style unlike any girl Brian's ever met before.  Will he be able to change his ways?

Rating: PG (Let me know if I should make it PG-13 cuz I wasn't quite sure)


            It was the first day of school and Brian was not happy about it.  He hated school and saw no point to it.  He never got the grades that his father wanted him to get but then, he didn't really try to get those high grades.  If he really tried hard at school, Brian had the potential to get straight A's.  The thing was that Brian hated work and never tried hard at anything unless he liked it so he mostly got all C's at school.

            Brian woke up late and groaned when he read 6:50 on his watch.  His bus came to the corner near his house at 7:10.  He got dressed and grabbed a little something to eat on the bus.  Since he still had a little bit of time, he combed his hair and brushed his teeth.  Then he rushed outside to the bus stop without saying 'goodbye' to his father.

            Brian arrived at Lamenbrook High School at 7:30 and walked over to where he said he would meet Madison.  Madison wasn't there yet but she arrived within three minutes.

            "Hey Madison!" Brian said.  "How are you?  I'm sorry I couldn't call.  My dad's grounded me for a few weeks and he was watching me like a hawk."

            "Oh, that's fine," Madison replied.  "I'm good and actually it's best that you didn't call me.  I've been grounded for a month and I'm not even supposed to see you in school but why should I listen to that one?"

            "Yeah, I know," Brian said.  "My dad said I shouldn't see you either but apparently I didn't listen to him."

            At that moment, Rick passed by the two of them without so much as a word.  He merely glared at the two of them together.  Then he walked on to 1st period.

            The warning bell rang and Brian kissed Madison goodbye (until they saw each other in the hall next) and walked up to the second floor where he had his physics class.

            He walked in and sat by his friend, Zach Evans.

            "Hey Zach!  How's it going with you and Justina?"

            "It's all good," Zach replied.  "Hey, I heard rumors that you and Madison are now going out.  Is that really true?"

            "True as ever, man," Brian said.  "We just went out on Saturday on one of those long dates and now we're both grounded."

            "Aw, that's too bad.  You still get to see her around school though."

            "Of course."  At that moment the bell rang and Mr. Dewborn, the physics teacher walked into the room to start taking attendance, starting with Kevin Austyn and ending with Carla Weston.  They went over the class rules and safety for the entire forty minutes of class.  Only a few people actually paid any attention, Brian noticed.  Lillian, Evan, Paul, Sarah, Anne, Jane, and Valerie were officially labeled the physics class geeks for that year.  Brian couldn't wait to talk about them with all his friends.

            The bell finally rang at 8:20 and Brian headed off to his gym class, followed by pre-calculus (with Madison).  He was very pleased to see that she was at least in one of his classes.  He couldn't believe he'd forgotten to ask her about her classes before.  He sat down in the seat next to her as other people started arriving.

            "Hey Madison," Brian said to her.  He took the chance to ask her about her schedule.  "What's your next class?"

            "I've got History next, followed by lunch," Madison started.  "Sixth period I've got Physics, then gym, then Italian 4, and lastly chamber choir.  First period, I have English and second, I've got art.  What about you?"

            "Physics is first, gym second, Italian 4 is fourth, and lunch is next so we've got the same lunch.  That's cool.  Sixth period, I have art, seventh is History, eighth period I've got journalism, and last I have English.  I wish we had more classes together."

            "Me too," Madison sighed.  The bell rang and their pre-calculus teacher began taking attendance.

            After their math class, Brian walked Madison to her history class and then walked into Italian late.  He was annoyed to see that Rick was in this class, as well as Derrek and Jenna.  Their teacher, Miss Leuzzi, put them in alphabetical seating, which was good in away because Brian didn't have to sit with Rick or Derrek who had last names beginning with a letter in the beginning of the alphabet.  However, he did have to sit right behind Jenna because her last name was Reynolds.

            The class went over the rules for another forty minutes of the day and the bell finally rang.  Brian jumped out of his seat and practically ran to the door, stopping just before he went out.  Jenna was right in front of him, facing him for the first time that day.  Brian was almost knocked out of his senses.  Jenna looked the same as ever except for the fact that her face was glowing.  Not the kind of red glow, but the kind of glow you get from pure happiness.  "What happened to you?" Brian asked her, rather rudely.

            Jenna smiled and said, "I just had the most amazing experience of my life this weekend."  She walked out of the classroom and headed for the cafeteria.

            Brian followed her, trying to keep up.  "What happened?" he asked, desperately.  "You were so depressed on Friday night.  Did you meet some guy or something?"

            "I guess you could say that," Jenna stated.  Brian raised his eyebrows as Jenna continued.  "I met Dani this weekend and we hung out together all of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Dani just moved into the house next door to me and we had so much fun.  At first, I thought Dani was just faking being nice and everything, but it didn't turn out that way at all."

            Brian realized suddenly that they had gone into the cafeteria and said, "Jenna, I've got to go.  Maybe I'll talk with you later."  He didn't want Madison to see him with Jenna and was very relieved when he joined her at a table that she didn't press the issue, which meant that she had not seen them together.


I finally got the rest of chapter 6 up.  I am so, so sorry that I have not posted until now.  There's a saying that goes "Junior year is the hardest" or something like that.  If that's so, then I don't know what next year's gonna be like cuz this year is so tough already and I'm only a sophomore.  Next year is going to be so crazy.  Anyways, I know school isn't really an excuse for not writing.  I probably should've tried to make time for it and I didn't.  It's my fault and I apologize.  I'll try to get the next chapter up soon but I definitely won't promise.  The poll's still up.

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