"See Him Bend"
The beautiful art on the walls,
The thoughts within all our skulls.
The tapestry and the floor mats,
Imaginary inventions and cats.

How could he live without those things?
Technology to his mind brings,
Destruction and violence and terror,
All while blow drying his hair!

Exposing his children to sex,
And Tony Hawk skateboarding tricks.
The hippie with the long drawn out hair cut,
And the simple things like all the beer guts.

Just watch all your fucking TV's,
And gather up all your porno!
We all like to think that we all like these things but,
Politically correct, so for now we say no.

Have you ever seen the dying man?
Have you ever sucked the vanity inside?
Sometimes it makes him so sick inside,
Like he wants to slap the man with his hand.

But he will never let it break him down,
The system sometimes gets to him.
But the world will never know him,
They all think he is but a clown.

The Faust he comes to take what's his,
But he sold his soul to the evil kids.
For the powers that he loved to gain,
The only thing for the strong and vain.

The false actions and loathing,
Sometimes it's overflowing.
The shit you have to deal with,
When you are his friend.

But promise that you will stay by his side,
For he would never tell a lie.
He will uphold what's strong and true,
And in the end he will upload you.

In the end we say all these things,
The things we always say in the end.
You never know who will revisit you,
All you can do is see him bend.