"The Sky Will Crack Open"
A generous Age of Aquarius said that everything was art,
The generous Age of Aquarius was right, yet wrong.
Everything is art,
Until it's taken away from you,
By an inspired force of random evil.

Swimming in a narcotic equilibrium,
Never underestimate the power of the brain.
Swimming through pain,
Years of travesty,
All of this,
For you.

The wretched,
Horrible praise of a death.
Amounting to nothing in life,
Strafing my life with bullets of lies,
It's not going to go as planned,
I'm not dead.
Not yet.

Havens, safes, my departure.
Leave this place,
Leave them black.
Aesthetic creations,
Forced never to come back.

Characterized by a heightened,
Sensitivity to,
Your beauty,
Nothing else, never.
Never again.

Under my umbrella,
It rains.
It can't rain all the time.
There's truly hope,
For everyone.
I've won, once again.