"And Much More"
Do not bend,
It's fragile.
Do not mend,
It's worth while.
Do not frown,
Keep a smile.
Inferno burns,
Keep your cool.
Clockwork turns,
Into a fool.
Who's the fool here?
I assure you, it's not me.
Things falling apart?
I assure you, it's not free.
A rose hits the floor,
Lying in your sweet embrace.
I cannot take much more,
Consistent with your face.
Invisible, invincible, risible.
Riding through the metro,
I saw you at the Petro,
They're only placebos,
A metaphor,
Writings on the wall.
The destiny, Ororo?
Somehow you go.
I do wrong to put my heart,
In to what I write,
That is no longer done.
I won,
But it wasn't seen.
Invisible, translucent,
Graphics, parabolas, UV rays,
A parasol?
Theory, roses, who's the fool here?
Things falling apart, broken, fragile,
Translucent, the floor, a whore,
False pretenses, cool gardens, and much more.