"No Refunds"
The book opens,
The page curls into oblivion.
An everlasting ride of imagination,
A ride of peril, success, and elimination.

Volume 1,
You've just begun.
Volume 2,
It's all for you.
Volume 3,
It's not for me!
Volume 4,
Read some more.
Volume 5,
Is it alive?
Volume 6,
The prefix?
Volume 7,
Literary heaven.
Volume 8,
Pass the gates.
Volume 9,
I am sublime.
Volume 10
This is the end...

You've exchanged-
Rhyme & reason.
Nature's seasons.
Pleasure & pain.
David Blaine.

You've now traded-
Peace for war.
Jubilance to bore.
Magic for fact,
No take backs.

The book closes.
You've come out of your downward spiral,
Of plight, love, and life.
Sorry kid,
The ride is over.

No refunds.