"Political Substitution"
I have resurrected an angel,
And destroyed the evil,
God forgive me.

I have played with your inventions,
And employed the blind,
God forbid me.

I enter the gates with self love,
Exit the eternal sleep with contempt,
God returned me.

I have fallen into the imagination,
Of streaking lights and outlets.
This was the ride of the age,
The age of political substitution.

To take you away from your home,
Is to enjoy the feelings of rape.
Is possible to most and for some,
Enjoyment comes from labeled tapes.

When will you realize that life is a game?
No shame for the winners and the wicked.
Dirty players in the circles of gardens,
Granite floors and limestone fences enslaved.

I sit in the background of your hell,
Awaiting my cue to take actions.
Against your cell block tells,
With stories of your wife's soft skin.