One: Tomber -To Fall

For an instant, the lightning flash cast everything in a startling contrast of light and darkness. The cityscape below and beyond, stretching into a shadowed infinity, the squirrels and stray cats hunching in their separate homes, everything was seen and not seen in an instant splash of light. It was a cool spring evening in the city, before the rain began to pour like a torrent of liquid ice upon the neon-lit scene.
As the rumbling thunder reverberated in the ebony clouds above, a tall young boy gazed at it all from the top of his large school building. Despite the darkness and the steady downpour of rain, one could see he was handsome, but in a more "beautiful" way than one would expect to see in such a boy. He carried his lean, 6"0 stature like a modest scholar or a sulking musician. Silky, silver-blonde hair cascaded in a wet stream to his waist, having finally been set free of its usual ponytail, and stood out all the more as strands clung to his face, with held a light, natural tan. The boy's deep green eyes peeked under his eyelashes at the pouring rain, noting the irony of scenery in his situation as the droplets seeped through his black t-shirt and dark denim jeans.
This figure, by the name of Lucent, now fought the urge to laugh cheerlessly at himself for what he was about to do. His hands almost carelessly clutched the outer rail on the building's roof, his feet halfway over the edge overlooking a fatal drop onto cement sidewalk and sparsely vegetated mud. The school ground was large and empty, save for the ever- constant rain and the darkness that engulfed each plummeting droplet- all the better for his last act of finality.
Lucent looked down again, away from the onslaught of rain. The way he saw it, he didn't have any other options. For all his seventeen years, he wasn't stupid. He'd tried other things to stop it, but it was all for loss. Reasoning had been utterly moot, counsilling had gotten nothing but a pack of lies from them, the police had taken their word over his, and running away for a better life had sparked an almost instantaneous search party. This would be his fourth escape, and this time he knew he would be found...

::How dare you disobey us! You worthless son of a bitch!::
::We never even wanted you. By the time we could afford an abortion, it was illegal to kill you.::
::You're so pathetic. How you could have come from me or your mother I'll never fucking know.::

Memories screamed at him from the past, and more recent physical wounds offered naught but a dull throb of pain to wash over his body. His eyes narrowed with unshed tears, and Lucent was once again thankful for the rain. Even though... well, there had been enough dwelling on that particular subject. It was time to fall. Now as he gazed at the darkness on the pavement, it was almost a comforting darkness, like a shadow rising to envelope him in its arms...
His blood pounding in his ears, he leaned out as far as he could go, his fingers slowly trailing out of their grip. He closed his eyes, and his fingers released the rail in a sudden movement. He felt the air brush him as he let go of the building.

And he stopped. He knew he was alive, but he was no longer falling. A moment of bewilderment passed his face before he recognized a sharp pain in his left arm, shocking his eyes wide open and staring above.
A pair of dilated amber eyes gazed at him from above, and it was his hand grabbing his that had caused the pain. Apparently he hadn't fallen very far, for the mysterious figure was grasping the rail and leaning over the edge as he had. The rain made the man's long hair appear as black silk, and his pale skin looked even whiter with the freezing rain. The man smiled, and Lucent could have sworn it had been dipped in evil. But.. wait, were those... wings coming out of the man's cape? Who wear's a cape in the city, if anywhere? Where in the hell had he come from? Who was he? Or, better yet, what was he? To have said Lucent was confused would be a grandiose understatement.
The shadowed figure's smile seemed to widen a touch as he pulled Lucent back onto the ledge. "I believe your name is Lucent," he said. His voice was like satin, and the touch of it made Lucent shiver, though it wasn't from the cold.
However, the fact that his daring act had been interrupted pissed Lucent off more than he would have liked. "Maybe, and what about you?" he glared at the handsome man, trying his damnedest not to have his jaw drop a bit at the sight of his large demonic wings. Lucent stiffened when the man came closer to him and chuckled quietly.
"I am Asher," he said, "and you are my servant." Lucent backed away, though he had a good impression he wouldn't be able to get away. "Y-your servant?! Hey, my life is my own, so if you'd kindly go back to wherever you came from, I'd like to finish what I started!"
"I am afraid I cannot allow you to do that," Asher's voice was smooth with a taint of mocking, "You see, once you allowed yourself to give up your life, it's not really yours anymore. Meaning, it can be taken and controlled by anybody with the power to do so," he smirked as lightning flashed, "I am sure you can now guess who it is your life is in the hands of."
Lucent's eyes widened considerably. What the hell had he done to deserve this?! To say the least, Lucent was feeling a tad afraid and desperate. "Well then, I'll just have to.," and before he could be grabbed again, Lucent leaped off the building. He could see the ground rising up slowly to meet him..
When he was once again caught by the mildly pissed devil. The rain surely hampered the grace of Asher's flight, but it wasn't hindered as he held Lucent in midair. "You're really a fool, I hope you know this," his voice murmured with an undercurrent of anger.
He could hear sirens in the distance. "Then don't have me as a servant then!" Lucent was trying to be furious and came off as wimpy considering his position.
At that Asher laughed, and Lucent suddenly found himself plummeting into a foreign darkness that was neither comforting or warm...