Eventually, with the help of a little white lie and KT an Jack, the girls had successfully freed themselves.

"Ow ow ow ow..." Kelshi blew on her hand.

"Oh suck it up," Koltai said crossing her arms and glaring as they walked.

"I can't," she whined.

"Let's camp here for the night boys. Unpack your gear. There's not much room her so four to a tent. The O'Bryens, Thompson and Brennan in one, Garfield, Rowe and Kovac with me in the other."

Kelshi and Koltai looked at each other, "Oh no."

"Come on lads, let's get to work," KT came up behind them and clapped them both on their shoulders.

"Yeah, Kelshi," Koltai hissed and elbowed her sister when she just stared after KT.

"Uh, huh," she nodded and agreed dreamily.

They finished the tents and sat in the muggy air of late summer evenings in Denmark. They talked some small talk and got ready to sleep. Kelshi and Koltai, of course, keeping their unifroms completely on, not planning to sleep.

"Uh...why don't you guys take off your shirts?" Koltai suggested nonchalantly, remembering their six pack abs.

"Yeah," Kelshi added at their shocked 'what-the-hell-are-you-on?' looks, "You're hot...it's hot..stop talking, stop talking..."

They sat on the ground, KT an Jack staying as far away as they could from the girls.

"Hey!" Kelshi said searching for something in her pack, "Where are my crackers?"

A noise sounding suspiciously like 'Mwaggagga!' and crunching came from outside the tent. Kelshi rushed out, "Ah! NO! Get those out of you mouth!"

Evil laughter ensued, as did a fight.


Early morning came and woke up the occupants of both tents with the sound of mortar shells. Everyone screambled out of the tents, some still putting on boots or jacks.

"Where are they coming from!?" Sgt. Riley yelled, tying his bot.

No one answered. "Then split up! You three!" He pointed to the ones who were in his tent, "With me! You four! Over that way! GO!"

A screaming-whistle sound was getting louder. Kelshi looked at Koltai in confusion, but Koltai looked up, her eyes wide, "SCATTER!"

Everyone ran in different directions. An explosion threw them forward.

"Hurry, lads!" KT helped them up, being the only one still standing because he was the farthest away from the explosion. "We gotta see if we can find where those shells are coming from!"

They nodded and started off. After a few moments they heard the screaming-whistle. They looked overhead to find a mortar shell coming at them again. They scattered.

The shell hit and Kelshi was too close. She hit the ground and lay there, dazed, her helmet a few feet away.

"Hey, are you all right?" KT pulled her to her feet. Her bun came undone and her waist length shock white hair fell out. "Oh my God..."

Koltai gasped, "you're a girl!? And you never told me!?"

Jack, who had snuck up behind her, ripped her helmet off her head. "Hey!" She yelled, "Give me that!"

KT was still holding Kelshi as she tried to get her bearings while Jack and Koltai argued, "Who are you?" He brushed some hair away from her neck, "What are you?"

Kelahi sighed, knowing it wsa time to confess, "well," she said still slightly out of it, "we're girls."

"With silver blood!?" he swiped a finger over a cut on her forehead.

"Let me tell you. She's..." Koltai fumbled for the right words, "Half-conscious."


"We're from another planet."

"...You're bonkers!"

"No. Could humans do this?" she held her hand out towards the rifle on the ground and concentrated. It flew to her hand and she caught it deftly.

"So you have mental powers or something!?"

"No. We have magnetic hands. Actually metallic blood that allows up to be magnitized."

"How do you turn it off?" Jack asked, interested now.

"By concentrating our bloood flow." She replied.

"Makes sense," KT laughed nervously and stood Kelshi up. He released her from his grip slowly, making sure she wouldn't fall over. When she didn't, he put his hands to her sides. "And it explains alot," he said thinking about all the weird flirting.

"Yeah..." Kelshi said almost as if hearing his thoughts, shaking her head to try and clear it, "Sorry about all...the..flirting.." She pitched forward as her knees buckled, unconscious. KT dove forward and caught her, "it's ok," he whispered in her ear as he picked her up in his arms.

"Guys," Jack said, "We've got to keep this secret. I mean..." He gestured wildly, fumbling for words, "You know."

"Yeah..." Koltai walked up to KT who backed up slightly, but then stopped, realizing they would've had plenty of time to hurt them last night while they slept. Koltai paused, then continued toward her sister with a hairband she brought out of her pack. She hurridly bundled up Kelshi's long, thick hair and put her helmet on strapping it under her sister's chin. She pondered, "What should we do about her cuts?"

"Um...I don't know," They shrugged.

Koltai stared thoughtfully at her hand that Kelshi healed. Jack looked and saw a slight scar running across her hand, "What happended there, Terry?"

"My sister healed it. I got shot. And it's Koltai."

"Cole-Tye?" Jack fumbled with the alien word.

"Yes. And this is Kelshi."


"Yes. She healed it."

"Then why don't you just healhere/"

"She's the only one who can heal. Only the first-born female child has the power to heal. Almighty Law decrees it."

"Almighty Law?" They made their way to the woods to sit.

"Yes. We were, one thousand of your years ago, involved in a great war. It lasted one hundred of your years because no one died. Finally the Almighty decreed that the healing powere gifted to Klaxans shall only be given to the first born female of each generation of a family. The war stopped almost immediantely after the first wave couldn't be healed." She looked around, "It's starting to get dark and I don't think they're shelling us anymore."

"They nodded, "We should at lease clean her up, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I guess." Koltai took off her jacket and ripped her under shirt, "Give me some water so I can clean her face. It looks like it hurt." Jack passed his canteen to her and she wet the piece of cloth. "Let's just hope it doesn't start bleeding again."


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