My vision is blurring in front of me.
A bus rumbles pass my house
My lips starts to tremble
The radio screams and music dances in the air
My throat starts to hurt and a lump forms
The sun beams down outside on the other side of where I'm sitting
My nose starts running, I wipe it
My brother puts a hand on his forehead of frustration
The wind gently touches my face and hair
A flag sways outside like waves in the ocean
My lips tighten against each other
A woman walks on the sidewalk, tired and thirsty
No, no , no, I will not let myself
A car rooms past by
I bite my lower lip, trying to hold them back
My mother reads the newspaper
They fight, fight to get out but I am stronger
Someone slams their car door with such force, it echoes
No, you can never escape, I will keep you in prison forever
Shouts call for me, I am needed in the other room
I take a deep breath, time to hide, hide once again...