The Swan

The rough texture of his hands skimmed her stomach. She groaned at the pleasure the sensation gave her, arching her back up off the pallet to meet them. Her nipples rose as his calloused fingers caught at their sensitive tips. Her breath came fast as his tongue slid down the length of one breast and then the other. In desperation she gripped tighter at the straw mat beneath her. The weave of the rug was making her skin raw as she shifted back and forth on top of it.

His hair tickled her throat where it was long and hung from his forehead. The press of his muscular legs against her bare thighs cast the annoyance into the back of her mind. His hand cupped on breast lightly. She watched his eyes grow dark as he massaged her nipple so tight she thought it would break at the increasing ache. Impatient she caught his hand and moved it lower. She felt his heart beat quicken as he moistened his fingertips in her pubic hair.

With a smile she pressed her lips to his chest. It was hard from years of labor, years of toil. Her tongue tasted the salt of his skin slick with sweat. To think, they had only just begun. She brushed his hair from his eyes and pressed a kiss to his temple, to his neck, to his mouth. She was not unaware of his own desire for her.

His fingers parted her below, causing a gasp to escape her lips. "Be gentle," she whispered in his ear. Her fingernails raked the healthy skin of his back as he explored her inner dips and hollows. She squeezed him tight and was glad to see his surprise. His thumb caressed a sensitive area and she fell back again onto the rough mat beneath her. The straw was hurting her skin that was already so tender from his touch.

His breath was coming heavy as he extracted his fingers, and brought them to her lips. She took one in her mouth, then the other. She hoped this would show him that she had no shame in her body. He grinned down at her, his mouth now parched and dry. She could feel him throbbing where he was pressed against her thigh.

As he shifted above her to position himself, she opened her legs to him, giving him full access. She wrapped her knees around his butt as he slid deep inside her hot intimacy. Her hands brought his mouth to her nipple, giving him suckle. When he moved she arched off the mat to give him better leverage. He drove strong and deep, once, twice, three times. She could feel the wild beating of his heart as he rocked inside her. She let him feed off her heat, fueling his desires.

This tongue found her navel as he ravaged her. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer and arched higher of the rough straw. His thrusts were scratching her back raw against the rough material but she wasn't even aware of such things anymore. Her mind was focused on the sensation rising low in the pit of her stomach. The aching feeling that grew each time he forced himself deeper inside. It was this feeling that exploded moments before he did, crashing again and again through her body. The pleasure continued with each stroke he took inside her, until she was only aware of him and the full hardness touching her core so deeply.

Her screams rivaled his own as she peaked and then fell, exhausted and spent. He lay heavily on top of her in his exhaustion. It was a comforting feeling, the weight of his sweaty head pressed against her stomach. His muscled arms were the only thing supporting his weight, even as he panted on top of her.


They both started at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Coming mother!" she called. Quickly he withdrew from her and at once she felt empty, incomplete. He kissed her once, hard on the mouth. With a heavy sadness she brushed the hair away from his face for the last time. Rushing quickly to dress she raced outside the tent to meet her mother.

"What took you so long?! I know you are a virgin, but the husband you go to today will be good to you." The older woman looked over the girl with disdain as she hung her head.

"Yes mother."

"Come now young daughter. It is not such a bad thing, to lay as man and wife. You will see tonight when you become a woman for the first time. The marriage ceremony should only last a few hours before you will be taken to his tent."

"Yes mother."