By Heart of the Sword

Just surfing the net finding some notes,
And before I know it, pop-ups are afloat,
Millions of them filling up the screen,
All the animations slowing my machine.

A variety of hues to attract our own eyes,
Yet all just a bunch of promotions and lies,
Some with sound others with banners of red,
I just sigh wishing to make them dead,

I'm the 1,003,023th visitor, yay for me,
I can click to win free games or even DVDs,
Yet I don't want to hit the blinking target,
And I don't want to take a survey darn it!

I don't wish to meet a match for a date,
I don't want to see what's in that crate,
I want these ads gone from my sight,
So I decide that I will put up a fight.

This will be a shooting gallery just for me,
And better yet, there's no signing up fee,
One by one they fall to my mighty click,
No longer can they perform their tricks.

They are all gone and my work is done,
Now I can surf the net and have some fun,
I pull up a new site so that I can explore,
I take aim again knowing there will be more...