"All The Way Alive"
Oh Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger,
Nor chasten me in your despair.
Your lights you used to show me,
I always rode inside your hair.
The Christians full of discord,
Inside the religious groups.
To show you the brightness,
Is to show you all the hidden lies,
Show the hidden lies.

Sudden flashes of enlightenment,
I never, always found my way.
The comments I would reveal,
Kurt said you were always gay.
I tell you I can't hate him,
For saying what he always said.
I think I agreed with him,
Because you were never there,
You were never there.

Never manipulate someone's beliefs just to better your own.

All of the sudden I feel so lost,
All the way alive inside.
No shortages of energy from me,
It will always be on your side.
Oblivious in war and love,
I never knew what to do.
But all the way alive I'm,
Pretty sure I'll get along without you,
Get along without you.