Whispers upon a Dream
Are heard in the mists of time
Forever entranced in our minds
A time capsule of our lives

Paper fades yellow
Plastic grows opaque
Wood burns
Stones become sand and dirt
Water dries up
All fades in time
Except what we hold in our hearts

Burns fade
Cuts heal
Bones mend
But minds are more than just physical
Wounds do not always heal

Sometimes words hurt more than stones
Sometimes comments burn worse then hot oil
Sometimes letters cut deeper than knives
Sometimes jokes break the soul rather than lighten it

Sometimes "I'm sorry" isn't enough
To mend what is hurt inside
Sometimes therapy can't
Return the soul to it's former status
Sometimes we can't change the status quo

Sometimes a kind word can do everything
To build up instead of breaking down
Sometimes a smile can give strength
To get someone though the day
One at a time

Sometimes a kind action could mean all the world
To someone who is crying inside
Sometimes a listening ear
Could help heal a broken soul
As they release the broken pieces

Sometimes a happy song can dry tears
And lift the soul

On the whispers of the mist of time
Sometimes that is all we have.

Written on June 24, 2003 at 11:50:44 PM by JLK