Admit it: You're self centered and selfish.
Sure, you love your friends & family, and of
Course you look out for people.
But deep inside all those feelings you may
Have for your closest friends - you love your
Self more than anything. You're selfish. You
'Re materialistic. And you try entirely too h
Ard to fit in with crowds that you shouldn't be
Around anyway.
Say it: You would hurt someone if you're MATERI
AL possessions were stolen by somebody - someone
Could steal your friend's MATERIAL possessions a
Nd you would say, "Too Bad." But somebody could
Steal your MATERIAL possessions and you would fee
L the need to go completely psycho.
You fucking asshole!
.You love YOUR CD's!
..You love YOUR Playstations!
...You love YOUR Khakis!
.You LIKE your friends.
..You LIKE your family.
...You LIKE yourself.
And if you aren't willing to admit it, then you a
Re completely in denial. Fuck you and your materia
Listic based beliefs! Fuck all of you bastards! F
Uck all of you bastards! Fuck you, douchebag! Bu
T most importantly, fuck me!