Chapter XV: Closure


"So who all is going tomorrow?" her mother asked for the fifth time.

"Me, Jack, Andrew, Millie, Jen, Josh, and Caley."

"O.K., who's driving?"

"Mom, we've gone through this a million and three times already; Jack's dad is taking me, Jack, Jen and Caley, and the rest have rides with their own parents. It starts at 6:20 and I should be home no later than 8:30ish."

"O.K. O.K., Go get some sleep."

"I will."

Today had been the first day since coming home from the hospital that she'd been outside of her house. It was a warm August day, the weekend before they returned to school, and her mother had taken her school shopping that day. Her mother, of course, disapproved of her wearing all black the first day back into the real world, but hadn't put up much of a fight since she was at least leaving the abyss that was her room. They'd been out all day and weren't home until about eight o'clock that night. She now had several new pairs of jeans and black pants, some cute new collared shirts that were within the limits of the school dress code, and many new pieces of jewelry.

She'd been at the computer for about an hour and a half now, trying to make sure that everyone was going to go, and where they were going to meet and what movie they were seeing and such. Millie seemed really excited about all this, and said that she had some closing statements for everyone before she left in the next few days. They'd been on the phone for hours the last few days catching up and consoling one another. Everyone seemed so anxious to see her. She wondered why. They knew she was fine; they couldn't have missed her that much, could they have?

Jack was nearly as excited as Millie, but it was slightly different. He was in such a panic when he heard what had happened to her he was just now calming down, so it was more of a subdued excitement. They'd also been talking, and he, too, had something to say to her the next day. She had a feeling she knew what it was and it made her feel a warmth inside that had been lost to her for some time now.

The rest of them were partially excited, and partially curious to see if this was going to be the same person anymore. Josh and she had made up and they agreed that it would be best to try and stick to limited time alone for a while until they had all their feelings straightened out, but talking on the phone seemed safe enough, so that they did.

Caley and Jen had been calling several times each day just to see how she was and what she was doing and how she was feeling. It was like the Spanish Inquisition, but she enjoyed it. She realized just how much she'd missed her friends those last few weeks during all these conversations, realized just how much they helped her, and that if she'd talked to them and just vented all her feelings to these wonderful people who really cared about her, that the stay in the hospital, the pain and the emptiness she'd felt could have been avoided, it wasn't even necessary. This realization made her face burn with frustration at herself, but it quickly faded as soon as she was talking again.

After a while of typing and thinking, she finally got to bed, yawning and with her eyes only half open as she made her way to the bedroom. Not 5 minutes after she'd curled up under the blankets (which she was beginning to notice these days were very soft) she was soundly sleeping. Dreams came as quickly as the sleep had, and for once, they weren't quite nightmares . . .


She could hear him, very softly calling her name. He sounded so distant, so very far away, but he was right there, she could feel his eyes upon her, his fingers entwined in hers as they walked. They were in a park somewhere, she knew because they sat down at one of the picnic tables which always inhabit parks. They sat and she could see him smiling; she felt her own face forming a smile. His warm hand reached out and touched her lightly on the cheek, and she felt they were finally together, and nothing could separate them now. But suddenly, just as she was going to hug him, he got up. She was confused and felt a familiar coldness inside as tears welled up in her eyes, but that quickly disappeared. He was still smiling, though now it was only a half smile, as he walked backwards, away from her. She managed a small smile and waved.

"Goodbye, Adam. I'll always love you."

"Goodbye Kitten."


She woke with a start. She'd only been asleep for about an hour and a half, but she felt wide awake. She felt rather stunned, both at the fact that she wasn't crying after a dream about Adam, and that she even felt a bit relieved. She reached over a flicked on the lamp, blinked in the brightness for a few moments, then took up her pen and notebook and wrote down everything she could remember, down to the very last detail of what color the picnic table was. When she was done with that, she sat for some time, just thinking. Thinking about why she wasn't crying. Thinking about the meaning that dream might have. When she checked the clock after her thinking session, it was ten minutes until 3, so she lay down, turned off the light and rolled over. She fell asleep peacefully, knowing that everything was right with the world, or would be soon, at least. Adam was finally, slowly, leaving her life, and fading to memory.


It seemed like one huge continuous hug form the time she arrived at the theatre to the beginning of the movie. Everyone was so glad to see her, all this attention had to be going to her head. After they'd settled down in the theatre, while the house lights were still up before the previews began, Millie stood up in her chair (causing everyone to laugh when she almost fell right back down) and made an announcement.

"O.K. You're all well aware of the situation that I'm in, with the moving- ness and everything. Well, there have been recent developments in that. Seeing as my family is broke, we do not have the necessary funds required to move, soooooooo, I'M NOT MOVING!!!!!!!"

Everyone jumped up as Millie jumped down, and the hugging chain began again, with Millie in the middle of it all. Somehow, amidst all the happiness and celebration of that announcement, Jack managed to pull the girl away and into the hallway outside the theatre.

"Licia, I think we need to talk. I think that whole break thing was a huge mistake, and -"

"Jack, stop right there. Before you go any further, I have a question for you."

"O.K., what?"

"Will you go out with me again?"

His stunned expression which quickly changed into a smile answered her question, but he hugged her tightly and said "yes" anyway.


That night, she sat in her room, and just, thought. Her world was piecing itself back together again. She knew that once school started, things would once again be hectic, but she didn't care. She liked it that way; she was ready for the strain of normal life again. But this time, it would be different. She had to live her life one day at a time, and that was the only way. Her optimism would slowly seep back into her, and she would return to 'Licia'. She'd been given a second chance at living this life, and she didn't plan to waste it.

She pulled out her notebook and thumbed through it. There was some decent stuff in there, maybe she'd revise it and turn it into something productive and positive. She then turned to the nearest blank page and wrote a list:

Life will always get better . . . eventually. Life should be lived one day at a time. True friends will always be there in times of need, and they offer better counseling than a sharp blade. Love conquers all.

She looked at this list, and laid down, thinking about the day all this seemed to have started, that day on the roof, looking out onto the street without sidewalks.


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