I miss him.
I miss the way he'd laugh at me and hold my hand.
I miss the way he'd smile at me and we'd share our secret dreams.
I miss the way he'd play and whisper to me during class. He'd always get
caught and we'd have our seats moved, but that never stopped us.
I miss the way he was able to make me ignore the world. Only he could do
I miss the way we'd call each other and plan our next adventure. Or we
would sit for hours and talk. You would hide in the closet from your sister
as you tried to convince me to change religions.
I miss the way he'd cry if it was worth it and it was always over someone
I even miss the way he'd get asthma attacks if he ran to fast around the
But he's gone.
Even if he says he's not.
We're never together, it's never the two of us anymore.
He never confide in me anymore like I was your only lifeboat.
He barely even speaks to me anymore.
But over the summer he got popular and I was forgotten, dust under the rug.
Can one year really change a relationship that much?
Now he's with them, the popular ones, the preppies.
And I'm still me.
I hate it.
But I still miss him.