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Chap 1: The Beach


The weather was beautiful. Not humid, or dry, just nice and hot and sunny. Perfect day to spend at the shore. It was the middle of November, and granted, it was weird for a heat spell to come so late, but we weren't complaining. The five of us spread out on towels and blankets, enjoying the beating rays. No one was in the water save for a few suicidal freshmen who seemed intent on catching some waves. Though the air had warmed, the water was still freeze-your-balls-off-cold. And the froshies were just making asses of themselves. Rhode Island isn't really known for it's killer waves. Maybe they'll get about 4 feet when the tide come in, but nothing spectacular.

I was sprawling on the blankets in Billa Bong trunks I hadn't expected to unpack until June. I was half asleep, and my friends' oh-so intelligent conversation drifted to me through a lazy fog.

"Lets see, "Katherine said, "Boner, hard on, hummer, stiffy . . .uh, woody" she ticked a finger off for each.

"Well, there's always erect" Jake pointed out as he looked up from a math book. With anyone else, studying at the beach might have seemed weird. Not for Jake, for him, it was an outrage that he was even here where possible distractions were rampant. Two months into school and he was already a nervous wreck.

From beside me, Alex barked a laugh, "Oh come on" he said, "Man, when have you ever been making out with a girl, getting all hot and sweaty, rubbing and sliding and everything, and gone" he put on a husky voice, "Baby, I'm erect"

"Saluting the flag" Mikey said, stirring from his blanket a few feet apart from us. We were silent for a moment, then roared, "What?" he said with mock innocence, "Never heard that one?" Mikey was gay, and out. Look up flamboyant in the dictionary. Ya see that picture next to the definition? That's him

For example, right now he wore a skin tight bright red Speedo, and his long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. If I wasn't mistaken, he wore blusher and mascara as well. Most of his wardrobe consisted of leather, and anyone who wasn't wise to his collection of pride stickers and pins couldn't miss his San Fransico accent. But he didn't care what people thought of him. He was happy, as he always insisted, and wasn't about to change for anyone.

Alex turned his attention to me. Jabbing a finger in my side he asked, "Hey Cal, you with us man? Have you got any?"

"Ug" I grunted as I rolled onto my side

"Ug?" Katherine parroted, "Never heard that one before . . ."

"Yeah," 'Alex agreed, "Must be caveman lingo, 'Unga-bunga Wilma, me have ugggggg'"

"Hey" I retorted indignantly, "I bet Wilma did give Fred an ug, she was hot"

Jake cringed, "That's not right"

"Oh I dunno. I always had a thing for teenaged-Pebbles" Alex admitted

"I loved Fred from Scooby-Dooby-Doo" Katherine said, "Mmmmm, yummy"

Mikey had been zoning out for a couple seconds, but I heard him quietly say, "Target acquired" as a predatory grin on his face. I followed his gaze. Ah, of course. Brent, Mikey's latest obsession, was sun bathing a few feet from us. "Are we going to the Bon fire tomorrow?" Mikey asked

I shrugged, "Sure, why not"

"I think Brent's gonna be there" he said wistfully.

"Are we gonna have to listen to you bitch about your love life now?" Alex asked, pained.

"'Least I have one" Mikey retorted, not deterring from Brent-Vision.

Alex scowled wordlessly "Hey man" I said, "He's got a point" Note to self: do not side against Alex when his love life is under attack

"Hey" he snapped "At least I don't look like friggin porcupine's taken up residence on my forehead"

I patted my spiky hair covetously "You're just jealous of my flawless fashion sense"

"I doubt it," Mikey put in, "Spikes went out last year"

"Children!" Katherine said, rolling her eyes, "If you can't play nice . . . ."

"But who wants to play nice?" Mikey asked, swaggering his eyes brows. He looked ridiculous

"My GOD Mikey!" I exclaimed, "There are two epileptic caterpillars on your forehead!"

"Gad-ZOOKS, Cal-man," Alex said, gabbing my shoulder, "What are we going to do?"

"Fear not, young boy wonder, I have Epileptic-Caterpillar-pesticide in my tool belt, to the Cal-mobile!"

"Christ" Jake muttered, "I'm not going to get anything done here" He stood, shaking sand from his text. "I'm going, I've got a big economics test coming up. You should too" He said pointing at Katherine, "You really want to take Fundamentals with the Froshies again?" She groaned

"Okay, fine. I'll come" She said pouting, "But only if we strip-study'

"No" Jake said firmly

"Pleeeeeeeez" She said, breaking out the puppy eyes, "I'll strip first" Katherine's main goal in life was to make Jake blush so hard he collapses from blood loss. She's getting there.

I stood too, grabbing my towel.

"Where're you going?" Alex asked, obviously disappointed.

"Gotta be at work in half and hour, and I gotta change first. Can't show up to the restaurant like this" I gestured to my swim trunks

"You'll get more tips" he suggested

"This is true" I said thoughtfully, "You are wise, grasshopper" He laughed "But besides, with me gone, you'll have all these beatiful women to yourself" I gestured to the orgy of thongs and bikinis that walked the beach.

"Joy of joys" he muttered, scowling at all the mindless bimbos. "See ya 'round, Cal" I slapped his proffered hand as I walked away. I frowned as I started back; something was up. Alex's eyes didn't take kindly to the melancholy smile he'd been wearing so much lately. Not that I paid that much mind to his eyes. Nope, not at all. I rolled my shoulders, dispelling - or at least attempting to dispel- the wandering thoughts. He'd tell me if something was up.

And I certainly didn't notice his eyes.


"You've got it bad for Cal, doncha?" Mikey said as soon as Cal was out of sight. I didn't bother to deny it, Mikey already knew the answer.

"What's it matter?" I sighed, "He's completely oblivious"

"Oh shut up," he said rolling his eyes, "You don't do 'martyr' well. Don't scowl at me like that! And give Cal a break, what, he's supposed to go from seeing you as best friend of three years to potential homosexual lover just because you have the hots for him? Even *I'm* not that melodramatic" I rolled my eyes

"Of course you are"

He smiled, "Right, well, maybe I am. But anyway, have you told him you're bi?"

"Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?"

"Okay, fine. Why haven't you told him you're bi?'

I sputtered, "Man, he was brought up Catholic!"

He laughed, hard. "And that is relevant because . . ."

"You know how they are"

"Hmmm," Mikey said stroking his chin, "I see, you think he's a bigot. I mean of course he would be, because he's had such a problem with me . . ." sarcasm was thick in his voice.

Mikey had a point. Cal's known that Mikey's gay since Freshman year, and never batted an eye about it, never said anything mean, and never once cared when Mikey talked continually about Sammy Sosa's ass. Oh yeah, did I mention that Mikey's a huge baseball fan?

But I really don't wanna go in to why I haven't told Cal. Most everyone else knows. I didn't have a big coming out party or anything. I mean, the end of freshman year I had a good idea that I liked guys, and before I went away for sophomore year, I told my family. Everyone in our group knows except Cal. I didn't really sit them down and tell them . . .they just sorta knew eventually. I told them not to clue Cal in, help me hide it even. Anyone who doesn't know me well doesn't know. Except the guys I've hooked up with, but I usually don't get their name, nor them mine. . .

But Cal? Man, he's the only guy I've actually, you know, had feelings for. And he's straight, of course. That bastard Murphy and his law. So how would I come out to him? "Hey Cal, I'm bi and I want your hot and sexy body" I think not. So I haven't told him. No big deal

"You're a wuss" Mikey observed, "It's not healthy, you're making yourself wither away in unrequited love"

"Go away" I pled, hiding my head under a towel.

"Nope, I'm here and I'm queer, honey. Look, just try. There's nothing worse than what ifs"

"There are no what ifs" I said, "He. Is. Straight."

"Or a closet case"

"Don't get my hopes up"

Abruptly, another voice cut in. "Well, damned if it isn't the fag brigade" A deep rumble said. We turned to face who I already knew would be there. Greg Kitting: pledgemaster of one of the college's frats, god to a hundred giggling bimbos, star QB, and all around Macho Man. His main goal in life however, is to become the world's biggest asshole. So far, he's doing pretty well.

When he spoke, and little tingle of fear went through me. Like I said, there's only a few people that know I'm bi. If he knew, he'd tell other people, and other people would tell other people, and they would tell Cal and then . . .okay, so I don't really know what would happen then, but it'd be bad.

But, I had nothing to worry about, he's talking to Mikey. My relief is selfish, true, but Mikey never wants help dealing with these assholes, so I leave him to it

"Hey Greg" Mikey said, batting his lashes, "Come back to see me? You ran outta bed so quickly that morning, I didn't get your number" Uh-oh, don't push him Mikey . . .

"You've got balls, faggot" Greg blustered, "You wanna take this up with me?" he threatened, drawing himself up

"Man, fuck off" I intervened. Maybe I could take Greg in a fight, *maybe*, but Mikey wouldn't stand half a chance, and the way Greg's acting, that's where this is headed.

"You fuck off, Baker!" He said, turning on me, "Ya know? I bet you're a fag too. Does Mikey here give it to you up the ass? Is he your lil girlfriend?"

"I'd tell you to go fuck yourself" Mikey said calmly, "But I bet your father already does that for you"

Ouch, nice one.

But apparently, Greg didn't agree, because he lunged for Mikey, grappling at his throat and yelling about "Fuckin' fags" I was on my feat, about to punch the asshole in the crotch and kidneys, but I didn't need to. Some bimbo in a string bikini ran up to us, built like a Barbie with as much between the ears.

"Greg, no!" She screeched, "Please, baby, please don't" Greg turned and looked at her. He grunted and let go of Mikey, who was panting slightly.

"Sorry baby" he muttered, "God damn faggot ticked me off"

She lead him away muttering soft words like one would do to a rabid dog. God, there's one fast on her way to a trailer and a husband who hits her even though "He loves me"

As soon as they were out of sight, I turned to stare a Mikey. "Are you suicidal or something?" I demanded.

He rubbed his neck and grinned. "Only in the morning" He looked around, "Hey, Brent's still there" he said excitedly. Yeah, there Brent was, looking at Mikey and giving him a worried frown. Evidently, he'd seen Mikey's suicide attempt "Can't pass up an opportunity like this"

As he walked over to Brent's towel, he yelled back to me, "Think about what I said!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" I muttered, waving a hand at him. Tell Cal I'm bi, easy enough right? Simple, easy, facil. Just sit him down and say, "Cal, I'm bi" He'd get it, he wouldn't care. So it'd be easy, right?

Phaw, yeah right