Burgundy waves of tattered silk
Bitter wine of the repressed
Draped across the phantom bridge
A lingered link of shadow moss
To the transparency-stained nowhere
Cursed by past dissolving plumes
Of angels' apathy
Utterly nonexistent
To the drifter's virtuous eye
Clouded by naive disregard
To the wretched poltergeists' recital
Eerily performed
Amidst the drizzly curtains
By an invisible misery's actors

A wasteland of fogged betrayal
Drenched in persistent shields
Of velvet slivers
Incandescent with undead starlight
An eclipse of ebony abandon

Frayed satin sheets bear dusty smears
Of buried reminiscences
Long kept behind vapor veils
Of the distorted masquerade
Tainted with hidden crypts of those fallen
From that ludicrous stage of theoretical perfection
That never was
And never will be
But holds a twisted tyranny
Over its dark drama nonetheless
A malformed tragedy

Those omniscient crimson rags
Flutter through churchyard wisps
Of sullen tears long since dried
On forsaken planks of rotted flesh
A mist theatre of the damned
Framed in ghosts of torn blushing leaves
Shades to the forgotten haze that lies beyond...