Beep Beep Beep

The humming of machines drone on. I try and open my eyes but struggle. What the hell is going on?

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Voices are all around. I can't make out the words, just the sounds of calm, monotone voices. I try again to open my eyes, and manage to see through a thin slit. I see doctors and nurses checking the machines near me. They don't seem to notice I'm awake. They check my stats, and look at the fluid that is being pumped into me, through an IV in my wrist. Oh joy. I just realized now I'm in the hospital. Well that's not good.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The doctors finally leave and I open my eyes a bit wider. My vision is slightly blurred and all I can make out are the fuzzy outlines of objects. I blink a few times, trying to clear it up, when I feel a different source of warmth on my hand. Someone was holding my hand. I tried to turn my neck and see who it is. My eyes blur over again at the sight of him, this time with tears. Shit I'm going cry.

Beep. Beeep. Beep.

His light brown hair seemed to glow brighter in that dreary hospital room somehow. I reached out to touch his sleeping face. His face was flushed a brilliant pink and his skin was so soft and warm. His breathing was slow and relaxed, his body moving in rhythm with each breath he took. God did he have to look so damn beautiful? All of a sudden he shifted, and I almost thought I said it out loud. Then he raised his head and looked at me with those crystal blue eyes I knew so well. Too well.

Beep. Beeep. Beeeep.

He said nothing. His eyes told me all I needed to know. My eyes blurred over again. Damn it. Tears spilled from eyes and down my bruised cheeks, He gently brushed them away as he did so many time before. He left his hand there, stroking it lovingly. I parted my lips to speak but, he put a finger to my mouth and I closed them again. He carefully cupped his hands around my face and tilted it towards him. Does he think I can't see him well enough from where I was before? Apparently not. I lifted my hand, wincing as I did, to his face and touched the unshaven stubble that was his. He did not flinch or even blink, but instead turned his head and kissed my fragile hand. I shuddered. Damn it to hell it felt so good. I looked at him again and knew what was coming. Don't I always with him?

Beep. Beeeeeeeep. Beeeep.

My breaths grew raspier and shorter. I knew what was coming and so did he. He gazed at me one last time with the love so evident in his enchanting eyes. I breathed deeply as he brought my face to his. Our lips met, not for the first time but for the last. Passion drew us together and our hearts beat together as one. Poetic don't you think? Our lips drained everything from each other and looked back for more. Every detail, every moment, every second mattered and we wanted to remember this forever. My head was so light headed and it wasn't from the kiss. I tightened my grip on him, my knight in shinning amour. He couldn't save me this time, my hero and my protector. My eyes struggled to stay open, but the life I had cherished was ebbing away from me each second. My heart was slowing down and I knew that the time was near. I broke away from the ardor that was ours. This was it; here I go. I turned my head towards his ear and breathed a last breath.

"I Love You."