My Gohonzon stands open
My mirror to this world
Aglow with determination I kneel
Innocence lit candles shinning bright
Beads in hand book closed neatly on my lap
The bell tolls
Three crystal chimes
I can feel the vibration in my bones
This is the call of Kosen-Rufu
My life will be judged by the things that I do
Karma , invisible yet tangible when held true
Follows the spirit when body grows anew
My mirror is polished
I can see my life within it
Three thousand instances in a single minute
My smile is but a vision of things to come
Even in hard times I hold faith strong
Eyes wide open yet seeing beyond
I start Diamoku life's immortal song
Six syllables to unite the world
Transcending all realms
Through which we are hurled
Sansho- shima no obstacle in my way
I kneel and chant Gongyo twice every day
My salvation comes from within
Know your self then life begins
I am a warrior I carry peace
I fight for equality
my war will never cease

Lit terms
Gohonzon -Sacred scroll inscribed by the Daishonin. Kept inside a Butsadan~
decorative shrine
Daimoku- recitation of mantra 3 or more consecutive times
Kosen-Rufu = world wide propagation of Buddhist practice
Sansho -shima = obstacles in ones life
Gongyo - Series of prayers from the Lotus Sutra ,(King of all Sutras.)