*I wrote this like 3 forevers ago after reading a story of the same title I cant believe I didn't post it then.*
oh it won some funky poetry contest my sis entered it in 4 me .didn't kno til I got a check in the mail.

Mea Culpa

I walk these ashen streets mind so clouded
the breeze feels like cold hands, pulling my breath away
the children, they play with their empty eyes
soulless , like wolves they hunt each other
blood thirsty games of tag leads to gang warfare
chalk out lines so much more sinister in pastels
blues the color of a broken life
the feel of sapphire tears dripping onto shattered glass
like the substance its self was bleeding
The shadows lengthen as i walk
my hollow steps echoes in many deaf ears
the words of a generation wiped away like drawings in the sand
swirls of un-thought ideas colors the dirty ground
so well fed on blood the roses bloom vibrant red is their color
the same as my eyes as i watch the world change for the better
abandoning those to sick and weary to travel into the night
my bent shoulders laden with the hopes and prayers
of those I ve past in the streets
a lone shadow to melt away
a piece of my heart stays behind to keep the light burning within them
these old souls whose life is but a grain of sand on the beach
being taken by the crashing wave of the future
slowly tearing the fabric of life
till we hang by one ragged thread that will inevitably snap
leaving us utterly alone on the wrong path
The road ended life times ago
and i forage through the ancient woods searching for a familiar face
a word, a light, a star in an all to unforgiving sky
a child of night left in the brightest of day
blind to the world and its many changes
consuming the fruit of a bad harvest and enjoying its acrid taste
like that of smoke filled lungs and malignant tumors
battle scars run deep and love
but another obstacle in the way of survival
the primal beast emerges and the path tho brutal grows quiet
all the troubles awaits in the clearing ahead
the road is a faint memory that stained the grass red
in time the pain will fade in time these strange stars will smile
and the sun will emerge as some lost soul
discovers a foot step in the dark and unforgiving world
and follows it off the beaten track
this child with large sapphire filled eyes
a smile that has never been seen
and dreams too large for one mind to comprehend
knowledge that far exceeds age and the wisdom of those gone before
the last ray of hope for a culture falling apart at the seams
a race slowly dying out
rapidly fading away

i kneel before the tomb of an unknown soldier
he who crossed this field before me
battle scared and broken but not fallen
crawling to the edge of humanity
lusting for that one last taste of nature
Mea culpa i whisper to the unforgiving wind
as the old prayers cross my broken lips
"father forgive me for I have sinned"
these hollow words mean nothing to me
man is but a man
father tho he was no forgiveness could be granted
and the one clearing is over grown by strangling vines
like so many lies come to choke my life away
like demon children playing evil games on street corners
the innocence has long faded
beneath the smiles are the potential to become something great
the hope that one day there will be a change
and as the game goes on the prayer that i shall not be caught
and my turn as "it" will be stayed for just a moment more
so i may search the road ahead of me
looking for a lost foot step
a hollow beacon, a light in a dark dark world