Thoughts and dreams swirl around,
As light and airy as a cloud,
I close my eyes, try to find a way,
Of letting those thoughts drift away.

Suddenly I'm drifting too,
I know I'm not dreaming, I know it's true,
I open my eyes, turn to look at my bed,
My body's still there, as if I were dead.

I drift down, place my feet on the floor,
And move like a spirit through the wood of my door,
Out of the house and into the night,
Into the darkness, but surrounded by light.

I wander the streets, seeing everything shine,
With the internal Magick that's around all the time.
I see the auras of trees and all living things,
I hear the wind and the land lift their voices to sing.

I tilt back my head and gaze at the moon,
Knowing this Astral journey will end all to soon.
I close my eyes, will myself back,
To my waiting body, to the physical presence I lack.

Maybe next time I can look to the sky,
Maybe next time I can learn to fly,
But for now, by flesh exhausted, I must turn to sleep,
The Goddess will watch me, that promise She keeps.