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~~~~*Chain of Glistening Tears*~~~~~~~~~~

~~~*~*~~~Chapter 1:A Weird Feeling*~*~~~

Love by first sight¡­Is it that what I just experienced? Silently whispering to herself, Skyla, lay there on the bed burying her head into her pillow, thinking of someone, and feeling the wild pounding of her heart in her chest, she couldn't help it, and she didn't know what it was either.


That was about 3 weeks ago, when Skyla met her classmate¡¯s brother on the bus. She felt something that she couldn't explain, though she knew it was not right, she was actually afraid of knowing what it was.

She looked into the mirror, and examined her look carefully, after a while she gave out an unsatisfied sigh.


She, Skyla, a 13-year-old girl, is a sunny and lively girl. She is proud of her backgrounds of being a trilingual. She is a Chinese girl, but born and raised in Germany.

She came to China with her parents and little sister 3 years ago. First, it was really a shock for her. Because her parents planned to let her grow up and attend a university there and have her life in Germany. Finally she came to China the Christmas eve of 1998. She met new friends here and quickly adjusted to her new environment as usual.

She was known as the all-knowing genius girl. She loved to read and sit in front of the computer. The type of girls who only know how to study and get the best grades in their class every year, and usually only gets A¡¯s on Report Cards. However, she never felt confident and smart when it came to feelings towards boys.

She¡¯s outgoing, and has a lot of female friends; yet, she doesn¡¯t know how to make friends with the boys. It wasn¡¯t like that when she was younger, but she changed.

Maybe the reason for that was, when she was 12 she began to have those pimples she had on her face which she hated the most, she could give anything just to let them disappear, she knew actually without the pimples she could look indeed very pretty, but with them¡­she didn't want to think about it¡­


She turned away from the mirror, and plopped onto her bed, not knowing what the weird and strange feelings were that made her thinking about the first time when she met him, when everything started¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­


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