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Charles (Chucky) Tiger Star

Age : 59 earth years, but CresStarains mature slower so he looks like and acts like a 12 year old

sex: male

Breed: Zeline

height: 4'8

eye color: light blue

Hair color : Black with blonde highlights .

Wears: Waist cut black shirt, that is long sleeved with gloves up to his elbows. He has baggy black jean pants, and white sneakers

summery: Chucky is the Prince of the powerful galaxy CrescentStar. Chucky is a very attractive young man, and secretly is the Neon Sorcerer . Chucky is very cocky , and sarcastic. He sometimes acts spoiled but ever since he got his powers he showed a different side. He showed that he can have a heart, and care about other.

He also has a small black star tattoo on his forehead, and one large black star tattoo on his left shoulder.

Main character ^

Leena Zoca Star (Chucky's , and Priss's dead mother )

age: She's dead ! But she looked like a 20 year old

sex: female

Breed: Zeline

height: 6'1

eye color: Light blue

Hair : Orange long hair tied back in a pony tail

wears: Long white dress, with pretty diamond designs. Tube top dress. With angel wings.

summery: Leena mysteriously died when she gave her Neon powers to her youngest son . Chucky. She was the Neon Sorceress before that, and she was also the Queen of Crescent Star ! She was very kind, and like a best friend to her youngest son , Chucky. She would do anything for the universe to be safe.


is a house cat !!

Age: 48 looks like a young adult

sex: male

breed: house cat

eye color: Green

Hair: Orange with white at tip of tail

summery: Rusty has been Chucky's pet even since he was born. His past life is not certain, but there is a reason he is a talking car. He always jokes around with Chucky, but truly cares. He's a great help, and very smart . He's always there when Chucky needs to talk , or just going to die.

Enjoy the new series ...


Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

Episode 7 " Blast to the future" Part 1

Series : Blast to the Future

Lonite 10, 2001

(December )


scene 1 " A power upgrade "

( It was night time Chucky, was sitting next to a tree, in a wide open grass field. About not even a mile away was the Crescent Star palace. Chucky was looking up at the night sky, with his cat Rusty sleeping in a ball next to him. Chucky looked at the stars , and watched a shooting star go by. )

Chucky: It's amazing that these star's images are really from the past, it makes you think...

( Just then a women finished Chucky's sentence )

Women: If they can really tell time .

( Chucky looked up, and to his amazement, in was his dead mother as a angel.)

Chucky: Mom?

( Chucky quickly stood up, and looked at her, his cat ears went down like )

Chucky: Who are you ? You can't be my mom !

( Chucky backed up right into the tree, as he quickly put his hand in front of him , ready to fire a

spell. )

Chucky: Go away ! I swear I will fire ! It isn't nice to dress up as my dead mother !

( Leena (or Chucky's mother ) just laughed , at her son. )

Leena: Chucky, it's me . Your mother.

( Chucky shook his head no, unbelieving . )

Chucky: I don't believe you.

Leena: You should , I am your mother.

Chucky: Then prove it !

(Leena still smiled, and sweetly said. )

Leena: Chucky, remember a long time ago I gave you my Neon powers so you can be the Neon Sorcerer. I remember I told you I was destined to die the next day, you cried. But Chucky I am able to be here now , just to help you on your next adventure.

( Chucky started to believe her , as he smiled, and put his hand aiming a spell at her , away. )

Chucky: You really are my mom .

( Leena shook her head yes. Chucky smiled, and ran to her going to hug , but when he got to her , he ran right through her. Leena turned to him, as he looked down)

Leena: I'm a angel now , Chucky.

( Chucky shook his head yes. )

Chucky: I should of known. How stupid of me.

( Chucky turned to his mother, whom was looking at him. )

Chucky: So why are you here ?

Leena: Cause Destiny choose you, to have the power to save your galaxy.

( Leena raised her hand, at him, as neon colors came out of her hand, and surrounded Chucky's body. Chucky looked around him , amazed. Chucky then looked at his mother chanting a spell. )

Leena: (Saying spell in Neodon ) Caetec Babr ! Tava zbaz zekzakak zzkactzb !

( Chucky flew up in the air, as his necklace flew up a little too. Chucky looked at his necklace glow , as it turned gold instead of silver. Leena smiled, and then as the spell colors stopped Chucky got safely to the ground. Chucky looked at his mother confused with his ears like ^ )

Chucky: You change the colors of my necklace , that's my power upgrade ?

( Leena smiled, and shook her head yes. )

Leena: Believe me Chucky, it might not look like much , but it is. Your power is stored into that necklace.

Chucky: O....k

Leena: Now , you and Rusty go to ...

( A white piece of paper with pink writing on it appeared in her hand that she was holding out for Chucky to grab. )

Leena: ...were this piece of paper tells you to.

( Chucky walked over to his mother and took the piece of paper, and looked at it, and read it. )

Chucky: Plantrule Eln forest ?

( Leena shook her head yes. )

Leena : There you will meet a girl about your age,

( Chucky looked up at his mom. )

Chucky: Mom are you trying to hook me up with a girl ? I have a girlfriend you know.

( Leena smiled, and shook her head no. )

Leena: No Chucky she will tell you , your journey. Chucky the future needs you. Go..

( Leena started walking back. )

Leena: Bye Chucky.

( Leena disappeared , Chucky ran up to were she was and looked up at the sky. )

Chucky: Wait mom ! Wait !

( Chucky looked down, at Rusty, and signed. )

Chucky: Here we go again.

(theme song )


Preview .....

Hi it's me Chucky. Anyway next me and Rusty show up at this girls hut in the middle of a forest. Sound like fun ? Not really . Anyway she tells me that I have to go into the future to stop a evil sorcerer , that no one else can but me ! She says I'm destined ! Anyway that's next , next time on Ancient Secrets !

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