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Does anyone remember Chucky transforming into the Neon Angel during the first series

Sorcerer of Destiny : The Beginning of Destiny's story ?

The Neon angel is the ulimate form of the neon sorcerer. Only Chucky could do it, cause he was destined.

Also known as : Neon angel, Neon Ectaq , and the Ultimate Neon sorcerer .

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Chucky: Ya look to see what happens next in my life.


( In the front gates of the Crescent Star palace. Chucky was looking at his older self . Everyone was there. )

(Older Chucky looked to see there was Spark right next to Eclipses, whom was still sitting down. Older Chucky quickly took out his sword, and pointed the blade to Sakura's throat.)

Spark: I wouldn't do that if I was you. She's about the only family you got left.

(Older Chucky looked at Spark with such a cold look on his face .)

Older Chucky: What about you !?

(Just then Chucky was heard from behind his older self. )

Chucky: Don't do it. Just fight me , and get this over with.

(Older Chucky turned around to see his younger self with his Crescent Saber sword in his back sword holder. Younger Chucky was holding his necklace which was around his neck, as he started glowing blue all over. Sakura, and Spark watched.)

Sakura: (Low voice ) The Neon Angel.

(Thunder was heard again, as older Chucky laughed evilly. )

Older Chucky: You got to be joking . You don't even know how to active that power !

Chucky: You want to bet ? Believe me , I learned .

( Chucky closed his eyes, as his aura started glowing even more blue.)

Chucky: Tacz , tava ca zba rezak eb zba Caec Ectaq !

( Chucky opened his eyes as they where now red, as he smiled his usual cocky smile. His cat ear's hair grow longer, and his cat tail grew . He grew whiskers , and a gold tiara . His hair got really blonde, and blue highlights went through his hair. His cloths changed to blue baggy jeans , a jean jacket, and a black under shirt. Angel faded wings where seen formed in his back. Older Chucky growled, as he heard another female voice behind him. )

Female voice: I thought he could fly, what's the reason for the angel wings ?

(Older Chucky turned around to see Neko standing right next to Sakura. Spark answered.)

Spark: They are just a illusion. When he moves the wings disappear.

(Older Chucky turned back around to his younger self, as he put his blade point away from Sakura's throat, and looked at his younger self. )

Chucky: What's wrong, my stupid older counterpart ? Oh let me guess you lost the neon angel powers back when you started having evil in your heart !

(Older Chucky smiled, as he put his sword away. )

Older Chucky: I might of lost that, but I got a greater power ! (Saying spell ) Neon Dämon magic transform me !

( Older Chucky's aura started glowing red, as his eyes glowed . Soon the pupil in older Chucky's eyes where gone, and his cat ears, and tail grew longer. He grew whiskers. His hair color about stayed the same, but instead of blonde highlights , he had red. Thunder was heard, as the wind started picking up around older Chucky. Sakura and Neko where scared , as they backed up to where Spark was, whom was watching the whole thing. )

Neko: What's happening ?

Spark: He's transforming into his new form. After older Chucky figured out his Neon Angel magic was gone, he decided to use Dämon magic instead. Hopefully his younger self , can beat him.

Sakura: Hopefully .

( Older Chucky got a black tiara around his forehead, his cloths all changed to the color of black. Older Chucky looked at his younger self, as his put out his Neon Eternal sword. )

Older Chucky: Time to get this over with.

( The wind picked up everywhere now, as thunder crashed again. Younger Chucky pulled out his Crescent saber sword , as he gave a cocky smile to his older self. )

Chucky: Believe me, I will win.

(Older Chucky got mad, and charged at his younger self , his younger self quickly front flipped over him, and flew back in the air. Older Chucky turned around, and looked up to see his younger self in the air . Older Chucky quickly raced in the air charging at Chucky again. Chucky watched , older Chucky come at him , and shook his head no. )

Chucky: He's doing the same thing he does when he's not transformed.

( Chucky put his sword away, and aimed his hand down to his older self , whom was charging at him with his sword. )

Chucky: Say good bye

(A blue beam formed in Chucky's hand , as it was getting to become huge ! )

Chucky: (saying spell ) Neon Angel blue elimination shoot !

(The huge beam was heading to older Chucky, as older Chucky saw it coming and suddenly disappeared . Chucky's eyes widen as he saw the beam going straight down to Eclipses. )

Chucky: Eclipses move !

( Eclipses couldn't hear him, so Chucky decided to go down ,and move her out of the way, but before he could do that , older Chucky appeared right next to him, with his sword, saying. )

Older Chucky: Surprise !

(Older Chucky slashed younger Chucky right in the chest with his Neon eternal sword! As it struck , a explosion went off. Younger Chucky fell to the ground lifeless , as he looked at Eclipses seconds away from getting hit by the beam. As Chucky hit the ground, he saw something happen, as he looked at Eclipses, he saw a angel fly by, and pick her off the ground away from the beam, as the beam hit the ground, missing Eclipses. Chucky smiled, as he started closing his eyes, for the last time. )

Chucky: M...o...m

(Before Chucky could close his eyes, a voice was heard inside him, saying. )

Leena (Voice inside Chucky's head. ) : Never give up hope. Chucky , destiny is on your side. You know what the quote means...

( Chucky suddenly got a bunch of strength, as he sat up looking at his older self amazed in the air. )

Chucky: (Talking to him self ) I will defeat me.

( Chucky put both hands in front of him, as a beam even bigger then before came into his hands. Older Chucky growled , as he did the same, but unlike his younger self's his beam was black , and his younger self's was white , and light blue. )

Older Chucky: (Talking to himself) When I was his age I was never was able to have so much power. Never less (Yelling to Chucky ) I will defeat youuuuuu!

(Younger Chucky gave a small laugh, as thunder was heard. Everyone watched amazed , at what younger Chucky, and older Chucky where doing. Rusty looked at the younger version of Chucky, with a smile. )

Rusty: He truly can defeat destiny.

Younger Chucky: Ya right ! (saying spell ) Neon Angel blue lighting magic ray !

Older Chucky: (Saying spell ) Neon Dämon red storm death beam !

( Both beam where released , and heading to each other. The only chance one of them would get to survive , is that there one beam truly is more powerful then the others. The beams finally meet, the white and blue where circling the black, as suddenly Chucky's angel beam won , as the beam started heading to older Chucky. Older Chucky gasped , as there was no where else to go , as he screamed as the beam blasted him. )

Older Chucky : But I'm eterrrrrrrrrnalllll!

Scene 6 " Ending at last "

( Minutes later, older Chucky was on the ground barely alive. Spark was by his side, as she looked into his eyes. On the other side of Older Chucky was , his younger self, Sakura , Rusty , Eclipses , and Neko. It was now raining as everyone was now covered with rain. Thunder was heard no more. Younger Chucky looked at his older self , as he repeated the quote . )

Younger Chucky: (low voice talking to himself ) Evil will feel rest when pure hearts will feel pain. Eternality is..... there.

(Older Chucky looked at Spark, as she looked into his eyes. )

Older Chucky: (Weak out of breath ) You...know....I'm glad I never killed you...

(A tear flew down Spark's cheek. )

Spark: Chucky ....the evil is finally out of you....your once knew .

(Spark pulled off her hat , as her black long hair flew down her back, and her orange highlights where visible. Everyone , but older Chucky looked at her in surprise. )

Sakura: Priss...he never killed you.

(Priss or Spark looked at Sakura , and smiled. )

Priss: No, he said he was evil, but no matter who he killed , he would never kill me...cause he knew I would stop him, with his younger self.

(Younger Chucky looked down as his older self looked at him. )

Older Chucky: Don't fell bad for killing me.......

(Younger Chucky looked at older Chucky, with still a sad face on. )

Chucky: The quote means the eternality spell that you had disappears when you become evil. You as evil will feel rest, but if you where pure you would of still been able to stay alive forever. Life is painful , death is restful. Eternality is there.

(Older Chucky smiled, as he was coming up to his last minutes of life. )

Older Chucky: All my life people have been wanting me dead. Thanks to destiny ...I lived ...but you are different , you have a different destiny as me or any other counterpart of you... You might die any second now..... I don't know. ... you are the sorcerer of Destiny...promise me to never take the sword. of eternality ... and to always love your wife, and children in when you have them .... they love you.......very....

( Before older Chucky could finish his sentence he closed his eyes, and died. Younger Chucky grabbed his necklace, as he stood up. )

Chucky: I promise.

To be continued


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