I'm just standing here all alone
Wondering what went wrong
I'm just lying here on my back
Wishing things could just go back
Back to how they were
And If only I could take it back then, baby
You know I Would
And if you told me what I've done
Then baby, I'd make it right

What has happened to you and me?
Where did the "us" go?
Now you've left me here alone
I wonder where you've gone
Well things will never be the same
Because yesterday's gone

I hear the radio playing
Well that song reminds me of how it used to be
I turn it off now
The memories are hard to swallow
Everything's so hard to swallow
I turn my head away
You've gone away for quite sometime
So much has diverged without me knowing
Times have changed you've gotten older
If you don't miss it, then why do I?

If I had it all to live it again
I think that I would play it different
I wouldn't take it all for granted
I'd live it up for all it's worth
I'd love you for what you are
I'd treat you just like a queen
But I'll never have another chance
Because yesterday's gone