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If I could wish for one thing and have it come true it would be to be a normal teenage girl. OK, everyone says that, I know. But with me its different I really am not normal. I wish that I was normal looking, didn't have so much power inside me that I have to wear a necklace to hold some of it until I get strong enough to handle it, and that the guy across the room would stop staring at me and take notes on the very interesting Civil War.
So I have straight, shiny hair that is naturally the color of red people buy color to get...who cares! I look like a goddess blah blah why do people tel me this? I don't want it! They tell me this with envy and jealousy. They can have it for all I care! I walk around everyday constantly getting stared at. Guys walk up to me at random and ask me out - Do I know you? No? Then why the hell are you asking me out? Girls look at me with hatred and shoot daggers at me all through class because their boyfriends wont stop looking at me...
I just wish I was normal and could sit with everyone else, have good friends, and have the same normal teenage girl problems. Is that really so much to ask? Guess so.

Just watching her sitting there taking notes with her beautiful red hair falling over her shoulders like a curtain, hiding her face from the world, gave me the shivers. Something about her made me want to walk over and just sit by her. Of course I had been warned several times to stay away from her. Everyone said she was mean and never says a word that's not rude or mean. Yet, despite all that, I wanted to try and talk to her anyway.
She's like a goddess, everything about her is beautiful. She's tall, amber red hair that falls to the middle of her back, intense gold eyes, slightly fair skin that's flawless, and a look of anger on her face. Her hair is one of her most unusual quality out of her already usually pretty qualities. Its that amber red that people have to dye their hair to get, its shiny and straight unlike most natural red hair that's wavy or curly. Ok so I sound like her lovesick stalker...really Im not normally like this, its just her.
Today she's wearing a blue tank top with a pair of cargos. She's isn't wearing any make-up (I don't think she ever does) and just one piece of jewelry, a necklace. She always wears this necklace, at lease when I see her, its a crystal star on a silver chain. It seems to glow slightly. I have always been curious about this necklace, so simple and beautiful, yet it seems to hold a sort of power...