When I woke up the next day, I almost forgot what happened last night. Then I saw Kat sleeping across the room and remembered the mirror incident. I stretched and closed my eyes for a minute. The sun was shining right on me and I was warm and comfortable. Then I figured I should try and figure out the what happened with the mirror. I yawned and started to climb out of the hammock.

I went into the bathroom to look at the mirror. It was really weird because nothing weird had been happening around me since I got the necklace. I wished it would stay that way. The mirror was perfectly normal, no cracks, not even a smudge! Then I replayed the whole scene in my head to try and see if I did anything funny to make the mirror crack like it did. All I was doing was brushing out my hair and looking at myself in the mirror, I didn't do anything that would cause the mirror to crack.

I decided to try and do some stuff in front of the mirror to see what would happen. I brushed my hair again...nothing. I started dancing in front of it, don't ask how I thought that would make it crack, I wasn't dancing in front of the mirror last night, but it was worth a try. Still nothing happened, and I'm a pretty bad dancer too. Maybe if I touched it...nope. I sat there and looked at it really hard and narrowed my eyes...that didn't do anything but scare me. I sighed and gave up, I don't think I had anything to do with it...really!

I walked back into Kat's room and looked around. She was still sleeping so I went back over to the hammock and crawled back under the covers. I lay there and closed my eyes just resting. Kat would be up soon, so I wasn't going to go back to sleep. Sure enough after a few moments of peaceful quiet I hear her moving and stretching. I opened my eyes and looked over at her.

Hey, how long have you been awake? she asked squinting at me and yawning.

Ten minutes maybe, not long. How'd you sleep?

Pretty good, except in the middle of the night Miss FurBall decided she was going to sleep with me. She tried to get under the covers but I guess she couldn't find a way in, so she started pawing my face to wake me up, She said not at all amused. Her cat usually slept in her room but when it was cold she liked to go under the covers. Her cat's real name was Athena which didn't fit her at all.

She still under the covers? I asked laughing.

Uh huh, Kat said and pulled out a fluffy white cat.

Awww she's so cute! I said wanting to get a reaction out of Kat.

Yeah right, you try being woken up by the lil' devil and we'll see just how cute you think she is then.

Athena jumped off Kat's bed and walked toward me meowing. She always hung around me whenever I came over. I don't know why really, Kat always said she never likes strangers.

Hey Athena, how are you? I said talking in a sweet voice, reaching down to pet her.

You and that cat, Livia...Such an odd relationship, Kat said sighing.

Yeah, it is. I think she's the only animal I like.

And you're the only stranger she like.

We hung out in her room for awhile and talked. Soon we could smell breakfast cooking in the kitchen.

I'm taking the bathroom first this time! Kat said and ran toward the bathroom. She got in and shut the door before I even had a chance to try and beat her. Then she poked her head out the door and said, Oh, can I do your hair?

Fine, as long as it's practical, I said. She liked to do my hair because it was long, but one time she did it up like I was going to a ball or something, and we were going to a movie! I told her to take it out but she said she'd wear hers up like mine and then we could wear pajama bottoms and a tank top. We both decided it sounded like fun and it was, we got a ton of weird looks.

she said and went back into the bathroom.

I yawned and began looking through her clothes for something to wear. Whenever I spent the night at her house I just used her clothes then gave them beck to her later. She had a ton of clothes so it didn't matter if I took something for a week. I found a weird tank top with what looked like 100 straps, I held it up and tried to figure out how it worked.

Kat came out of the bathroom with her hair in a ponytail wearing a black tank top and jeans. She saw me looking at the tank top and walked over to show me how it worked. I guess the straps were supposed to cross in the back, I still thought it was weird.

Oh wear it! It'll look good on you, she said when I told her I'd just find something else. Then she handed me a pair of dark blue jeans and sent me to the bathroom. I changed then looked at myself in the mirror to see if I looked okay. The tank top ended up looking kind of cool. I was about to tell Kat she could come in and do my hair when I got this really weird feeling, I looked around and immediately regretted it, the room was spinning and I felt like I was going to be sick.

Panicking, I tried to scream, but I couldn't get it out. I silently called Kat but that only made me more dizzy and the room seemed to spin faster. Soon I felt myself giving up the fight to steady myself and I fell into darkness.

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