A/n: My little brother helped with this poem.. =) Well, have fun reading it.... ThANKs.

In this world

There is no peace

All there is, is war

Thousands fight in them

And at least one dies

All the blood

All the people


Why are we killing our own kind?

Doesn't matter if our skin is, black, white, yellow, brown, tan

We come from the same species

We come from the same group

I mean we weren't born to hate

We weren't born to kill

We weren't born to die

For some of you out there

Who think life is hideous, horrifying, and gruesome

You're wrong

No, life is none of those

Life is beautiful

What those three words just described

was death

And life did not create death

Life created hope and future

It is the living things that took life for granted

And do not think before they act

And so they destroy a life

Killed a future

With hope

It is them who created death

So blaming life is actually not fair

That is why life is not fair

We toy with life

Life toys back at us

So you see life is actually pretty equal

We kind of take the advantage of life

I mean if you don't believe me

Please take a look at your surroundings

The Earth is breaking apart

And one day, one day it'd explode into millions of pieces

And we'd all look back

Only look back

Because we can do nothing else

Except regret

Regret torturing Mother Nature

Regret torturing mother Earth