Sweet pattering of spirits' dance,
Feather-soft touch on the cheek.
Look up to see the sky turned gray,
Soft, cool flannel, thick and sleek.

Jeweled leaves rustle on amber trees,
Shining gems, emerald and jade.
Tiny green dancers, pirouette,
Green masks caught in masquerade.

Ice crystals falling, raise your hand,
Melting into cold, soft scars.
Tears of Nature, fragments of sky,
Clutch your fingers, catch the stars.

Thirsty the weak, parched is the earth,
Welcome Savior and Healer.
Overflow the river beds,
Kill the men, oh fate sealer.

But for me, it is enough now,
In this time of grief and pain,
To stand outside and watch the leaves,
And the gently falling rain.

Not my best work ever, but it came from the heart. I think I love the rain
more than any other type of weather.