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Chapter 1
Tonight is the Night

"You look sooo beautiful Steph!" Her sister Katie exclaimed. Stephanie twirled in front of the mirror; she had to admit that she did look very nice. The short dark green dress accented her eyes perfectly and went along magnificently with her long brown curls. She laughed with excitement.

Dan was taking her on a date to the Boathouse and he had told Stephanie that he needed to tell her something important. Stephanie could barely breath she was so excited. Dan and her had been dating since the beginning of high school and now they were about to graduate. Stephanie could only imagine what he would tell her. Everything was going so well, she was going to Boston University; she was finally graduating high school and now this! "You look just like a princess!" Stephanie was pulled back to reality by her 13-year-old sister, Katie.

"You think so?" Stephanie laughed. Then the doorbell rang. Stephanie just knew that tonight was the night.

"I'll get it Steph, you want to make an entrance after all!" Stephanie laughed as Katie ran out her door and down the steps. Stephanie heard the door open and then his deep masculine voice asking if she was home. "Steph, its Dan!" Stephanie took her cue and walked out her bedroom door and down the steps. She noticed that Dan watched her all the way down and smiled to herself. The dress accented every curve of her body and Stephanie was suddenly very glad she spent the money and bought it.

"Wow, you look great." Dan said in utter amazement.

"You do too." And she meant it. He did look great in his dressier clothes. His blue collared shirt brought out his gray eyes too. He took her arm and she was escorted out the door. Katie yelled a goodbye and shut the door behind them. Dan, being such a gentleman, opened the car door for her. His dad's Mercedes she noticed. This must be big. They silently pulled up to the restaurant.

Dinner was amazing. They talked about anything and everything and had a wonderful time. Then after the best cheesecake Stephanie had ever eaten Dan took her hand.

"Stephanie," ooh her full name! "I have been with you for four years now, and have loved every second of it. When I'm not with you, I think of you, and when I am with you I am the happiest man alive. It would be a great honor if you would marry me." That was the most romantic thing Stephanie had ever heard in her entire life. Dan looked at her hopefully. She had hoped he would ask, and she did love him.

"Yes, Daniel, I will marry you." A smile broke across his face and he got up hugged her and then kissed her. Stephanie was the happiest person alive at that moment and there was nothing that could ruin it.


Stephanie was lying awake that night in her bed. Dan and her made plans to make it a long engagement, and decided to marry after college. Graduation was coming soon and Stephanie was finally ready to leave high school behind. Dan was going to Notre Dame but she knew their relationship would last through the separation.

"Are you awake Steph?"

"Yeah Katie, I am."

"Do you want to marry Dan?" Stephanie thought it was such on odd question, she had said yes.

"Of course I do Katie."

"But I mean next year you will be separate and what if you meet someone different. You and Dan have never dated anyone else so how do you know you love him?" Stephanie was thunderstruck. She had never even thought about that. Dan had been her only boyfriend through high school, and she his only girlfriend. What if he found someone else? Could their relationship last the separation like she, moments ago, knew it would? "Oh, Steph, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you any doubts" Stephanie looked at her sister. She was so sweet and unknowing.

"You didn't Katie, I am just thinking." Then she turned over on her side and pretended to be asleep. She would miss Katie next year. The girl had always brightened up her day. Even if they did fight a little, she still loved her. Next year things would be so different, she hoped the difference would be good. She didn't know how different things would be.