In my corner
Wrapped in a blanket of bitterness
Coldness closes in on me
I am afraid
I pull the blanket tighter around myself
But it doesn't heal the pain
That lives inside of me
Why don't they see me
Crying, hating
Sitting here
In this corner
Still alone
In the darkness
With my greatest enemy-
So lonely
So tainted
The taste of blood still lingers in my mouth
Metallic and harsh
But secretly I hunger for more
A better resort
Than more deceit
Outcast of life
Denied of death
Snagged in the balance
Caught by the collar
Slowly, painfully dying
Let me cloak myself in silent darkness
To become a silvery shade
Why so you hold me from the shadows
When shadows are such a part of you?
Don't waste your time on me
I am not worth you, but
Can you not see
How much I adore you?
Betrayed and despised
Hunted like a witch
The witch I know I am
Go now, before you betray me again
I will never forget what they've done to my soul
And so this is how I must remain
Fear is all that denies the things I deeply desire
Death- and love
Though love is what condemned me
I sink into my depression
Hateful and ugly
Lost for so long
In my corner
Forever alone.