maybe i'm blind

I'd cry,

but noone would stop me.

I must be blind,

because I can't see.

I could see colors,

and skies and such.

But with people,

why do they act so tough?

They think their powerful,

that's what they think.

But inside,

they're nothing but weak.

To be able to train alone,

and fight the best.

They would probably have no friends,

to help them out of a mess.

And if they used a person,

it would only mean hurt.

For one will bury the pain,

while the other will burst.

But when they bury the pain,

it builds up inside.

Because all it will do,

is rise and rise.

In this world,

they say the fitest will survive.

But to me,

they would die.

Not in the body,

but in the soul.

Just because,

they've become so cold.

So...isn't it okay

just to feel weak?

Isn't it okay,

to finally see?

May be I can see,

but I must be blind.

Because in this world,

I see no light....


Aik0h: I dun really know what this has to do w/ anything but o well!! ^0^