The last night I saw my parents was an abhorrent one. We were arguing severely as usual.
"Why didn't you clean up the kitchen like I had asked?" My dad shouted at me.
"I was busy!" I yelled.
"Bull, go to your room and stay there for the rest of the night. Your mom and I are going out to eat. We'll be home around ten o'clock." My dad told me. I rolled my eyes.
"Whatever." I said as I stomped up to my room. Right now I would do anything to take back what I said to them that night.
I rested my hand under my chin as I stared motionless out the car window. I saw Shawn, my foster care agent, glance back at me through his rear-view mirror.
"Come on cheer up, the Wilson's will be great." He smiled. He was a young guy, about in his early twenties with soft, blonde hair spiked up slightly and he had the most dazzling smile I had ever seen. I guess he was okay some times.
"Why should I cheer up, they sound like a bunch of dirt bags to me. In the papers it said they collect teddy bears and that they have nineteen cats. My allergies cannot take nineteen cats." I sneered, keeping my gaze on cornfield after cornfield outside the window.
"Well, if you don't like it there, you know my number." He said as he winked at me. I squeezed out a small smile and continued to watch the cows pass by in the fields.
I must've fallen asleep for I was awakened by Shawn shaking me awake.
"Rise and shine, we're here." He smiled widely. I got out and I covered my nose as a foul stench reached into my nostrils.
"Ugh what is that smell?" I asked as I looked over at Shawn. He too had his nose pinched to prevent the smell invading his nose.
"It smells like cows and pigs." He responded. I shrugged my shoulders as I saw two people walk down the wooden steps of the old farmhouse. The lady was quite old in her late sixties and the man looked like early seventies. They both wore old, ragged clothing completely covered with dirt and dust. The old woman's hair was put up in a gray wisp and the old man wore a dirty cap to keep the sun out of his eyes. The woman had on a dirty polka-dotted dress with worn out clogs and the old man wore denim bibs.
"Shawn.they're old." I said. I didn't favor old people too much, ever since I went on a field trip to the old folk's home to help out. A lady there had frozen and was pointing at me and breathing real hard. I think I made her have a heart attack.
"I know, just chill." He told me as he looked up towards the couple with a broad smile.
"Hello there, are you Mr. and Mrs. Wilson?" Shawn beamed. He had a smile that could melt an ice burg.
"Yes." Mr. Wilson grunted. His voice sounded a lot like Ozzy Osbourne's the way he spoke.
"Ok well, this is Jen, the foster child you sent for." He said as he put his hand on my back and shoved me forward a little. Mr. Wilson stared at me and looked me over. At that precise moment I felt like a black slave back in the old days getting sold to the rich white people.
"Nana.Nana!?" The old man hollered weakly. The old woman came waddling down the porch steps.
"What do you want now old man, I thought you were going to take care of this?" She said, sounding mad.
"Did we order a little girl?" He asked his wife.
"I'm thirteen years old."I said, enraged. I hated when people called me little girl.
"Thirteen? I thought you was seven? Oh well, you'll do." She said as she grabbed my arm and pulled. I grabbed Shawn's hand and Mrs. Wilson stopped walking as she felt a tug.
"What are you doing? There's work to be done!" She said. I looked up at Shawn and gave my saddest puppy dog look.
"Don't leave me here, please. These people are going to make me a black slave." I cried quietly to Shawn.
"Black slave?" He asked.
"Yeah, from all the dust and dirt!" I whimpered. Shawn smiled again and it sent a chill through me, a good chill.
"Just tough it out for one night and call me in the morning." He smiled as I let go of his hand and he got back into the car. I stood there and watched him drive away.
"Yeah, I'll call you, if they even have a phone." I said under my breath. I felt Mrs. Wilson's rough, calloused hand grab my hand and pull me towards the leaning farm house that seemed to be struggling to hold up by the wooden stilts under it. Two white cats relaxed themselves on the rotten, wooden ledge, their brilliant green eyes examining my every move. She swung open the screen door and shut it behind me with a loud clapping sound as it hit the wall. The house was musty and the floor was made out of gray, wooden planks. They creaked and groaned as I stepped across them. Cats were everywhere. Black, gray, and calico cats lined the stairs and another white cat stared at me from a light fixture it was sitting on. I sneezed once, then twice, as I covered my nose to keep the dander from entering my nostrils. I had counted eleven cats so far, I wondered where the other eight were hiding. When we reached the top of the stairs, she led me down the hall to a small room. There was nothing in the room but a twin size bed and a desk with a tiny fan resting on its surface.
"I guess I'll let you have a break tonight. You're lucky little girl, just wait till tomorrow. You'll be working your bony little butt off." Mrs. Wilson sneered as she slammed my door shut. I sarcastically mocked her and threw my suitcase on the bed. People like the Wilsons make me sick. It's those kinds of people I try to avoid.
"Oh yeah Mrs. Wilson? I'm calling Shawn tomorrow!" I shouted at the door. I felt much better to release my anger in yelling. I had to admit, I had quite the bad attitude.
I am a short, scrawny girl with short, brownish-blonde hair. I hate being treated like a kid and sometimes I wish the world would just leave me alone. I've lived in three foster care homes so far and I didn't like either of them.or they didn't like me. I have a tendency to drive people nuts. The only person that I trust and who can manage me is Shawn. I have no living relatives so I am forced to bounce from family to family my whole life.
I popped open my suitcase and set it on top of the desk. I sat down on the bed and stared at my suitcase. I wasn't going to unpack. There was no reason too. I was leaving tomorrow, for sure. I turned over and lay on the bed resting my hands under my cheek. I stared out the window between the laced curtains and memories from the night my parents died flashed through my head. It all happened in a blur.
The moment they left I was upstairs blaring music in my room, thinking about how I shouldn't be grounded and wishing I lived with another family. About an hour after listening to music, the phone rang. I picked it up and was horrified to find that my parents had been in a car wreck. I remember crying all night even when the police came to my house. They explained that my parents were in the hospital and that I would be taken there as soon as possible. They died the next morning from extreme internal bleeding and severe damage to the brain.
I awoke suddenly, the early morning sunlight shining into my eyes. I must've fallen asleep while I had been daydreaming last night. Suddenly, Mrs. Wilson burst through the door swinging it open so harshly that it slammed into the wall behind it.
"Your ride is here." She sneered, disappointed. I snapped my suitcase shut and carried it behind my back. At first I didn't understand what she meant until I saw the familiar silver Saturn sitting in the dusty driveway. Shawn had come to my rescue. A wide grin spread across my face as I quickly ran down the old, porch steps. Shawn was standing in front of his door with that wide, magical smile spread across his face. Mrs. Wilson stood on the porch with her hands set firmly on her hips. "Again, you're very lucky for if this young man wasn't here to pick you up, you would be feeding the pigs and milking the cows!" She hollered as she turned to go inside. I laughed a little and slid into the car. Shawn drove away from the demented farmers and I never even looked back. "So what house am I going to next?" I sighed, annoyed. I was used to this already anyways. "You're going to Los Angeles!" He smiled widely.

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