I wonder when I realized
I'd not be coming back again
You must forgive my foolishness
I've had some time to think since then
Days pass- their moments now seem rare
Yet I'd not thought to take much care
to build up memories, but then-
I learn I'll not be back again
Was it the day we sat and mused
on what we'd do as we grew old?
Time even then was still a friend
It passed so slowly I grew bold
and thought, "We've days and weeks to spare!"
And so time passed without a care
to cherish minute, hour or day-
and now time takes it all away
Or was it while we said goodbye?
I promised never to forget
But still, the scene was so surreal
it had no sense of realness yet
For since you still were there with me
how troubling could our parting be?
And I could still at least pretend
that I'd be coming back again
But now, at last, I'm standing here
And trying hard to force a smile
I've only one breath left to say
the thoughts discarded all this while:
You've always meant the world to me
and though I couldn't always see
the things that I should say and do
it's time well-spent that's spent with you