I am Young and Living

Its seven, I'm young and singing trying to reach the seventh heaven
The night like I, have just begun singing songs unsung and living
This sky of mine still full of light, lingering, shining bright, though time is unforgiving
I live by my own design, so show me a sign, my only crime is I am young and giving
My muscles fresh, my flesh, blood rush as the urge to be free surges to emerge
All that shit in the past has been purged, tonight I've been lured to the verge...

It's eight, don't be late, today's the date I reach the heaven I held reverend
Feeling great as I await my fate, take this time held and make it never end
We walk by the river's bend, giving friends around whom I don't intend to pretend
We make our own trends and never bend, honest when we said forever friends
Questioning everything questionable, skeptical thinking I'll believe it if I've seen it
Live the saying "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today" and mean it...

It's nine, time for the wine and dine, changing places intertwined with my drink and lime,
Trading spaces I'm thinking I'm sinking the but I know fate is linking beginnings; yours with mine
I look just past the steeple, caring for sky's orange and pink for it holds no equal
We are young and living, winning and sinning so share this time with your people
I pull up to my whip an m3 beamer, not thinking about how long I haven't seen her
The nights young and I don't need her, I'm truley happy because I put past behind and ended shit,
I'm out with with my friends and together this night holds forever in true friendship

Lets go it's ten, high fives for fucking being alive
Life's just a diving board from which we can all high dive
Thats why only the strong survive, we are young so lets take a long drive
Through the mountains were the fountain of youth thrives, speak truths not lies
We all know these are the best days of our lives so fuck trying to hide
Take it, break confines, make of it what you will and never let yourself fall into lines

It's eleven and we pull up to the club, were young not looking for love
I just want your arms around me giving hugs, can't think straight when I'm high on drugs
Listen girl I'll give you the world, you like how my dubs glisten like shiny chrome pearls?
Fatal attraction got me doing backspins, swimming in sin grinning for action,
If you got my back then I got yours and we won' t need love as a labled contraption,
We got all the time in the world just let me know your reaction...

It's twelve lets get out with just ourselves, go to the beach and look for sea shells
I feel it coming over me, this breeze putting me at ease
Where the fuck would I be without friends like these? let me hold these dreams Please, it's all I need, got this weed making me high as fuck feeling so free
Someone told me "no pain no gain" so I stomached a punch and took liberty instead of fame
Why are you mad I'm just playing the same games
On cloud three I can clearly see, at ease on these E's and I got a honey with me
What the fuck do I care I got my money with me ...

One a.m. are you hearing what I'm saying
It was moments of unattainable bliss like this for which I was praying
My girl next to me just laying, but I feel it surging once again within
energy my enemy rushing in me pumping adrenaline
I'm young and so willing to win
Compelled by cheers these years shape shift as I go shifting in high gears
Wipe away those tears were here so take moments like these and make them last Give everyone a second try like I and never dwell on the past
Get into life stepping on the gas, have no fear we're never going to crash
We're young and speeding through it real fast
I don't know where I'm going but once I get there I'm never going to look back...

It's Two and were laughing and joking under the moon
Hues of black and blue whose backdrop is among sand dunes
How did it get to be this time so soon?
Oh well time's going, my mind's overflowing, knowing that I've surpassed my pace
But there's this desire in me calling me to race
So face the fire with your foot on the pedal
You can't erase the thrill of chases down to the wire where bones settle
Warm night time to fight or flight when torn tires are mixed with formed metal
The only storm tonight is my might whose lightening crashes erupts like a blown kettle...

The time is three, an ocean dip leaves me refreshed with zest
Cold and wet my controlled emotions rolled with the best
We laugh as we reflect on moments we were closest to death
So hold me, take a stroll with me I can see your breath
Kiss me under the moonlight because tonight your eyes are crystal like the meth
We can roam places uknown because we flow like a pistol with one bullet left
We walked back to the bon fire with twinkles in our eyes
Covering the past minute's desires up with lies like wrinkles in time
I smile and look up to the sky
I am young but wise to happy to care about a distant demise...

It's four but I don't want to leave, I am young wearing my heart on my sleeve
The fire is still smoking and we're still joking and ..maybe we are niave
But in the sand beneath me I believe, success isn't that easy to achieve
Still follow your dreams no matter how distant they seem
And I'm not one to give advice but nights without vice have taught me how to live life
Use truth as a device, friends as a guiding light and you can get through any strife...

Its five, I am young and still fucking alive
Sink your feet beneath the beach sand, hold my hand, together we watch the sunrise
Two bodies become one mind though times design as the stars align
And as the moon and sun share the sky
I will hold this night's memories and dare to fly
I am free with the people I love so I don't care if I die