The wind blew relentlessly against those in the valley. They wrapped their cloaks closer, protecting them from the harsh climate. The ground below them was lush and green but the air was chilly. The men watched as one of their scouts approached their commander's tent. The commander was the Keeper of the Armies, and the Queen's best friend.
She was not average by any means. She had long dark blue hair with an unusual white streak about an inch thick on the right side of her head. Her hair flowed naturally down her back and ended slightly above the waist when left down. Today, however, it was up in a tight bun at the nape of her neck. She was also fit and at the same time not too thin with a healthy complexion. She was considered quite beautiful.
What made her the most unusual was her eyes. Unlike everyone else, you could not see her irises. It was white, blending in with the rest of the eye. Some said that what gave her the look of a leader. When she closed her eyes, she seemed more normal and even a bit fragile. Those who believed that however, were quickly righted in their beliefs. Amarisa Amdonal was not a woman to mess with.
"Lady Amdonal." The scout said, bowing before the commander. He was tall and broad and showed the many miles he had walked. He looked worn and exhausted. He rose and began to speak the message he had been sent to tell from her husband, Lord Harry Amdonal. " The Noors are advancing too quickly for our man to overcome. We must retreat."
"Is this Harry's advice."
"Yes, Milady. He thinks that retreat would be best." Amarisa looked at the man before standing.
"I will speak with the queen and get her orders. Remain here so you can take this back to my husband. She turned and walked deeper into the tent. Inside the tent was the com unit that allowed communication back to the palace, where Queen Rachela Moonstar awaited for updates on the war against the Noors. Amarisa quickly typed in the coordinates for the call and was soon connected to the Queen. She was one of the few who had a private line to the Queen. The only others were her husband and King Aiden. Unfortunately Aiden had been killed in battle a year before.
"Ami, you have news?" Rachela said as soon as she saw her dear friends face. Rachela was as beautiful as Amarisa and as unusual. Her hair was black with the white strip slightly wider then her friend and on both sides of her head. She was tall and thin and pale. Her pale skin and black hair contrasted drastically. Her eyes were a brilliant green and they often intimated people. They also were filled with compassion for her people.
She was young, but the war had placed much worry on her shoulders and had aged her slightly. Her rule had only been five years since she had received the crown from her late mother-in-law, Queen Marlina Moonstar. For the first year peace had reigned but after that war had prevailed against all she could do to prevent it. The Noors wanted the land of the Sela and attacked them. Aiden had helped all he could but he had been killed. Now the Queen was left alone to take care of her people as well as her young daughter, the Princess Anna.
"Yes, Rachela, but not at all good. Harry sent a scout to me saying that the armies of the Noor regime are advancing to quickly for our men to combat. He thinks the best course of action is to retreat." Rechela was silent for a moment before answering.
"Then it is too late for our city to survive."
"I'm afraid so."
"Well, the retreat will at least save lives. Tell Harry he has my approval. Also start the plan we made in case this war did not go as we wanted."
"Are you sure?"
"We must protect our children."


Harry Amdonal stood reading his wife's letter to him. The retreat had the Queen's approval and it was currently being acted on. He sighed. How he wished his world could be saved. It was hard letting it go but that was the only way to save the lives of the people.
The fact that the queen wanted to initate the plan seemed only to prove more that Sela had fallen. The plan was to take some of the children and take them to another dimension, most likely that of earth. There they would be safe and protected until the time came for them to return and win back the land of the Sela back to them. Those going were the Princess and nine others. Included in that was his own six year old sons, Meriadoc and Jaren. Also going were the children of the loyal officers of the army. There was Wesley Lontaa, the son of Mick Lontaa, Jacqueline and Nicola Marian, the daughters of the Queen's sister Serta, Jordan Woodman, the son of the King's advisor, Sean Anra who was the son of Rachela's father though his second marriage, and Micka Lowton's daughter Rebecka and her cousin Elena Cordoba.
Most were under ten, except for Sean who was eleven. But the time had come when they had to leave the land of the Sela and only return when they could bring it back to it's proper power. They were all located in the castle, in the underground rooms. The rooms were not damp and dreary as in most castles, but were furnished well and were the same as the rooms above the ground. The only difference was the bottom rooms were more protected.
That was were Harry was at the moment. Amarisa was upstairs with the queen and Harry was to take the children to the portal that Amarisa and Rachela had created. Most of the children were cooperative, but some of the younger ones who had no idea of what was going on were not sure on going. They finally went when they saw their parents and knew they were going too.
"Daddy?" young Meriadoc asked. "Where are we going?"
"Whats that?"
"It's another world, almost like ours, where we will be safe."
"What about Annie?"
"She's coming with your mother."
"Will her parents come?"
"No. Her mother inisited she stay with her people."
"Oh. Well then I better keep watch on Anna. She'll need someone to watch over her." Harry smiled and picked his son up and held him.
"Thank you." Harry looked into his son's deep blue-grey eyes and wondered where they had come from. His eyes were green and Amarisa's were white. Neither knew of any blue-grey eyed people in either family. Rachela had put it up to being one of those weird occurrences and that made him extra special. As if he wasn't already special to his parents. Like Harry, he had dark brown hair and was of medium height. His personality a mixture of both his parents. Jaren had brown eyes and dark curly hair.
"Harry." Amarisa called as she caught up with her family. Tears flowed from her eyes, instantly telling Harry that her last attempt to get the Queen to come had failed. In her arms was the one year old princess who was asleep. They walked together to where the portal was and Amarisa typed in the coordinates. They were the last to jump though the portal, taking one last look at their homeland before leaving for what may be a very long time.

Notes from the Author: This story is written in dedication to my Grandmother, Arabella and my best friends the Real Amarisa and Janna. Yes, Meriadoc does belong to J.R.R. Tolkien but as you can see I am not stealing his Merry (though I would love to have Dominic Monaghan)