Darkness...I reign over all terror...brining what you fear to life...screams of death and the loss of control over what you see. Yes...humans take comfort in controlling what they weave in the web of dreams...but what would happen if a single force could bend and twist every fantasy into a horror? I am the part of night that never sleeps...as I enter your mind and eat you alive from the inside out...driving you mad while I fill your dreams with bloody anguish...tortured sobs...and cold, gutless misery... I am what humans label as..."A nightmare". But you see...I find that title rather silly myself. I am just "Nightmare" the source behind every living beings darker side...the side that they never show to anyone but me. And oh, how I feel so benefited as I help their darkness grow! It's like raising a child, really...molding and scrapping, stealing from other people's darkness to supply for another. Why do you think so many humans fear the same thing?

Maybe I'm a sin...but I shrug at the thought, for I do not wish to think of it further. I am the maker and breaker of phobia...an unstoppable force that lives for eternity. My dreams ARE my nightmares; but then again...didn't I say I was the darkness that never slept? Of course people try to over come those fears, but the ones I have so well wrapped...well..Their the ones you hear about jumping off bridges, or blowing a whole threw their head. Artistic really...all of their deaths... each one planned out carefully by yours truly. Yes...Nightmares can become a reality...their possibly the most real thing a mortal could ever face...So...why do people keep waking up? I swirl like a shadow as I manifest inside your mind.a little girl dreams of honey and butterflies on a sweet summer day; I have no mercy for innocence! I hear her scream, and watch her run while being chased by a pack of wild dogs, it's a shame she'll probably never trust her old Labrador that sleeps at the foot of her bed again after these pretty manifestations of mine rip her shreds. Oh it's such a shame how fresh blood just doesn't smell the same in a real tragedy...but I move on...my work never done, my lust never satisfied until I can twist and swirl the imagery of another person, that's what I live for, what I'm made for after all, isn't it? ISN'T IT?! Hmm...but what am I asking you for? How would you know what it's like being a living energy with only one set motif in life? You get used to the screams eventually...and the smell of fear quickly is learned to become a narcotic. Heh...but listen to me? I'm talking to you like you're going to take my place. Even though that's not physically possible, even if this form of myself dies, I'll live on forever inside peoples disturbed, twisted little inhumane minds. Oh everyone has it, just people have learned to surpress it, they've seen the ones that express my wonderful artwork in a physical form be locked away in comfy padded rooms. But I MAKE them afraid; yes...I make them hate that side of them, so it only comes out in the worst of times. Exploding with an array of colors and emotions like a firecracker on the fourth of July. I coax them, strangle, rip, tear, slash, throw, mutilate and sometimes murder. Am I talking about real life now? Hmm...That's for you to ponder over. I have MY motifs strait. Are you sure you won't be hearing about that little girl on the idiotic device you know as the news tomorrow? Funny, you seemed confused. Shouldn't you be able to control your own dreams? Or am I still just a dream? I could easily be that dark twisted inhumain side that's finally taken a hold of you...does that FRIGTHEN you any? The thought of loosing control? Sure it does...deep down in side I can smell your anticipated fear...so predictable.

That's the problems with you humans, after awhile I get bored with you from even the inside out. A scream of terror from the same person just gets old after awhile, that's why I like to toy with children. But you already know that don't you? I'm apart of you...the part you don't see in the mirror. Oh don't deny it! It just makes it more fun for me! And don't you WANT to get rid of me? I could swim in your thoughts all daylong...infact I do...I'm what made you kill your family and friends, remember? Yeeees, of course you do...that was a nice night, wasn't it? When you woke up from your nightmare to face the reality of your blood stained hands...I was so proud...it was quite a magnificent murder. The only one who could have done it better would have been me! Ha Ha! You're ANGRY with me! How sweet! It's been so long sense I tasted the fire of rage...But when you wake up, this will all be over, right? None of this will be real, and your family will be safe asleep in their beds just like always. Then why don't you go? Go now and leave this nightmare and see them! Sense you're so capable of controlling what roams around inside your thoughts. Oh? You can't wake up, CAN you? Such a pity being in a coma isn't it...well...as long as I'm here...why don't I let you re live that STUNNING memory. Oh? Not a memory you say? MY fault you say? I'm wounded...really...but the only thing I take credit in is getting your mind to believe it's comatose. Ha ha! I'M a monster? What happened to me being a figment of your imagination? Shame on you...twisting your words around. I could dance around in your darkness for forever...oh look...a woman in the E.R. Ohhh...how sweet...she's living her dream of being a heart surgeon...two bad it only takes one foul move. It's easy really, all I do is sweep in, distracting her for an INSTANT while she holds the scalpel in her hand...then it happens. Her bloody gloves "slip" and in goes that shiny excuse for a knife, right into an artery. She panics...oooh...how she panics...She's a fighter! She tries to regain control! I forget how humorous my job can be. I wrap around her body, she's got beautiful curves...and her mind...so pure...mmmm...I can tell her dreams would taste sweet...I'll truly enjoy corrupting her. I seep inside her mind...she finds herself alone threw her eyes...and she looks down at the open, bleeding chest with the throbbing heart. That's it...you know you want it...it'll go to waste if you don't, you want to help people, DON'T you? That's it...I'll coax you... I'll ease into her and twist her thoughts around...I'm what she hears at night, that guilty conscious she's surpressed. Go on...oh no...don't be afraid, I'm right here with you. This will be good for you I promise. See how she eagerly dips her hands into that chest with the power of my words? Ahh...there she goes...digging her teeth into that still pumping heart as she rips it away from it's once living occupant. Oooo...she's more cannibalistic that I thought...exquisite really...Oh? Now I'm SICK? I'm actually feeling quite well thank you.

Oh there you go giving me the jollies again with your anger. Haven't you figured it out yet that you're fully capable of waking up from one of the many nightmares I've supplied you? I guess not, you're far too moronic to understand the fact that all you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES! But then again, you waking up WOULD spoil all my fun, and we just can't have that now can we? Yes, yes, I have a twisted sense of humor. But that woman in the E.R. will make for an amazing cover story on the news. Oh? YOU don't think that was real? I think you of all people don't need to be thinking. After all, you do some of your best work when you're not thinking. Your family's names written in their each individual blood on the wall WAS divine. Oh come now, no hard feelings. Its "Just a nightmare" remembers? And when the sun rises in the east, I'll vanish out of your thoughts forever, right? RIGHT?! WRONG! YOU'LL NEVER BE RID OF ME! Heh...oops...lost my cool there for a minute...ooohh...I made you cry? I've always taken pleasure in tears, yours especially. Lets let the blood of your family and friends run down the walls of your mind, your reaction NEVER gets old...yes...watch you shudder as it creeps down the walls...how about we add each of their final screams. Why don't you wake up if you want it to stop? Oh? You're already awake? Heh, of course you are...safe inside your little padded cell. Why don't you go make the best of it and bounce off the walls seems like something YOUR peanut gallery would enjoy. Yes...YES! That's it! COWER IN YOUR WORTHLESS CORNER! Fear...oh, it sweeps over you...consumes you...what? Let you out?! No...never...these wall nothing more than a manifestation of my power right?...reality...do you even know what that is? Is it your parent's death? Or you're own screams of mercy? I'll eat you alive...and swallow you whole...I'm deep inside your mind where you can't escape me...can't reach me...and unable to touch me. Look...the nurse killed herself...ohhh...their wheeling her away now...oh...how beautiful her skull caved in as she jumped from the hospital roof 30 stories up, once she woke up from her nightmare. So tell me...is this all STILL nothing more than a dream? No...it's a nightmare you say? Heh...yes...I CAN be one...but I prefer to make them, less hassle. By the way...i'm still waiting for you to go to sleep...